PaperWriter Review 2023

Joseph Stevens Joseph Stevens  — 20 Sep 2021
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PaperWriter is a paper writing platform that offers assistance to students across the world. According to real paper writer reviews, they help provide you with a trustworthy writer to work on your paper. You pay the price through secure payment, and the fees would be released to the writer after the essay delivery.

In this paper writer work and pricing review, we will be discussing how good or reliable PaperWriter is, their cost and PaperWriter prices, their essay reviews, and the overall PaperWriter ratings.

Before you waste paper pricing costs on an essay platform like PaperWriter, you need legit reviews. This is to be sure it’s not a scam and that the paper would be good compared to pricing.

People ask, “Is PaperWriter legal?” It is safe to say PaperWriter is not illegal, and at the end of this review, you would personally decide if PaperWriter can be trusted to write you a good paper.

PaperWriter Review 2023
PaperWriter Review 2023


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Table of Contents


    Service Overview

    This website is an academic platform that offers professional assistance to students. If you need help with any type of paper, dissertations, or articles, just name it; Paperwriter’s service offers these.

    PaperWriter Mainpage

    This platform connects users with writers through a system that allows them to choose their preferences after placing orders. This way, they have the liberty of pitching your task to various writers with different experiences, and in the end, they can choose who is more suitable.

    Besides being a site where you can buy essays or hire professionals, Paperwriter also has some other features that can assist pupils in writing and editing their works.

    They have:

    • Plagiarism checker
    • Article Editing
    • Free Guideline Blog
    • Paraphrasing tools
    • Article Rewriting
    • Free Formatting
    • Title Page Generator

    If you can’t afford to order an article, you can write it yourself and still be sure you are on the right track with some of these tools. You can also check out their samples for reference and guidance.

    Types Of Services

    If you’re busy with other school activities and need help with your essays or research paper, PaperWriter offers assistance. Here, you can hire workers for article rewriting and editing.

    PaperWriter Services

    They can help with paperwork like:

    • Presentation or speech
    • Case study
    • Annotation
    • Book reviews
    • Movie reviews, and so on.

    They can also help with coursework like:

    • Maths assignment
    • Biology assignment
    • Statistics
    • Geography
    • Physics
    • Account

    A piracy checker is also offered to those who want to use this important feature at no cost.


    The first step is to place an order. There is a form where you input all the requirements for a particular article. After uploading orders, you start to get offers from various essayists with different ranges of qualifications. This PaperWriter review would be based on personal involvement with this site.

    PaperWriter Writers

    Although the platform claims their essayists are professionals and experienced, this is not so true. Some of them do not speak native English, so it’s a little difficult to translate their sentences and phrases correctly since they are not native speakers. For this reason, the delivered articles are below standard upon submission.

    Prices And Discounts

    Although the charges are a little regulated, they are still on the high side. They give discounts and multiple slashes to first-time users and returnees, but compared to the substandard papers, they are not so worth it.

    PaperWriter Prices and Services


    PaperWriter Features

    100% Originality

    This guarantee assures you of a unique article with zero percent piracy. To back this up, this site promises an attached Turnitin report.

    Refund Policy

    If the article doesn’t meet the expected deadlines, you can request a full or partial refund. You are expected to meet so many clauses before this refund, and it might be a little complicated.

    Free Revision Policy

    This is to give assurance that you can return your article for an unlimited number of revisions. As long as your instructions were previously stated, if the requirements are not met, then this applies. Revision is free.

    Privacy Policy

    This goes without saying. When using these kinds of services, anonymity is just as important as original articles. If your personal information is compromised, it will put you in as much trouble as a bad article. This platform assures users of complete and total confidentiality when it comes to privacy.

    Customer Support

    It is found that this platform only has one contact address on their website, and that’s their email. This is a terrible lack in the area of communication. Mail does not provide instant chat responses, which contradicts the whole point of the customer support team. That is poor service. As mentioned, this review is based on personal encounters.

    If you try contacting them yourself, you will notice how inefficient their support service is. Their responses are impolite, harried, and rude, with no particular remorse for the time spent waiting. Great user support is just another one of their fake promises.

    Quality Of Paperworks

    It has been tested that the article PaperWriter gives its users is pretty substandard, regardless of the number of pages. To be able to give you honest impressions on this particular fact, an assignment was ordered. The ordering process was really simple, and although the writers’ profiles were not extensive, it was pretty easy to find one. The minimum deadline limit is 6 hours, and this was met.

    However, as great as it was to receive the paper before the deadline, every other thing went downhill really fast. The article received was not well written, and after passing it through extra checks, it was apparent that the contents were neither original nor unique, which was surprising since their policy states 100% originality.

    At first, the editor was more than willing to help sort through questions, but you would notice that their unlimited revision policy is also false, as they stopped responding to messages after a while.

    For their prices, the quality of the article was not entirely satisfactory.

    If you would like to order from this platform, remember to be clear with your initial instructions to avoid any misunderstandings. The number of times for effective revisions is limited.

    Is Paperwriter Legit And Reliable?

    The legitimacy of this platform should not be questioned. They are not scammers and would deliver your work within the set frame. What should be questioned, however, is their professionalism and efficiency.

    Although there are many features on their website and most of it looks promising, after investigation, it turns out the majority of it was fake.

    Firstly, this platform boasts of a professional team of academicians, but from the PaperWriter reviews of other users, that is just another one of their many lies.

    Another thing to note is how bad their team is. They take way too much time in responding, and even when they do, you will not find them helpful. They can not provide basic information about their services and offers.

    Pros And Cons

    • Protected transaction methods
    • Rapid delivery of project
    • Free plagiarism report
    • Friendly landing page
    • Substandard essay writing services
    • High charges
    • No original content
    • Terrible customer service
    • No free samples


    For the final section of this review, it is quite apparent that PaperWriter is not the best service to help sort out any of your academic papers. They simply do not possess the capabilities to do such in a satisfactory manner.

    This list was made because it is right to know about a platform before spending money on it. With this, you should be able to make a personal decision on whether you want to place an order or not.

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    What is PaperWriter?

    This is an academic writing service where you can hire writers to assist you with any type of academic paper. This site can help you write new articles, or edit and rewrite new ones, to even help you sort out your math homework.

    Is PaperWriter Legit?

    Yes, it is. However, they have a lot of drawbacks that do not make it the best choice for a student, except you want to waste your money.

    Is PaperWriter Safe?

    Yes, it is. When it comes to secure payment options and privacy policy, this site takes utmost care in making sure your personal information is safely encrypted. Security is high level, and anonymity is 100% guaranteed.

    Is PaperWriter Scam?

    No, it is not. Legally, this site is binding. A lot of their policies need to be worked on, and the quality of their paper needs a big improvement; however, they are not a hoax company.

    PaperWriter Prices?

    These are a little too high because they do not offer reliable service. There are many other writing platforms with higher charges, which makes this a little affordable in comparison. However, if they can improve to provide a high quality of articles, there would be no complaints about the order charges.

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