Professional Review: Evaluating

(11 customer reviews)

Professional Review: Evaluating
Professional Review: Evaluating

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Independent Testing And Evaluation Of GradeMiners

For our team, it has been an important and responsible task to create a truthful and honest review on GradeMiners writing service for you. This portal becomes more and more popular. With all GradeMiners reviews on the Internet, it is very hard to make one decision and decide whether to use this website or not.

We place an order and checked all service features this customer service suggest to clients, to be 100% objective. And what do you think? We were very disappointed because we had hopes that this is really an excellent website like PapersOwl or Paperell but at smaller prices. Of course, there are a few pluses, but believe, there are a lot of arguments to avoid yourself from GradeMiners cheating.

The biggest surprise was that the essay was not written in a time. It was delayed for two days, as well as grammatical and punctuation errors were found by us in the whole writing paper.

We think that such situations show the maximum disrespect for clients.

7 Main Things To Know About GradeMiners Writing Service

When you type the phrase “write my paper” in the Google’s search box, you can find many writing services and chances are you’ll find GradeMiners among them. This GradeMiners review will tell you about it more from our personal experience.


At first sight, everything looks understandable and accessible; all services provided by this company are standard and has nothing special. You can order different kinds of writing works. You just need to fill out the standard form, also you can visit the website blog. Visit and read the articles, but you will find there the most common information, which is very wide on the Internet.


To be honest, after our experience, it’s very difficult to tell something good about GradeMiners writers. Of course, they say that writers are real professionals and native speakers. But is a person who knows the language in perfection can tolerate grammatical mistakes in the text? And we ordered the simplest essay for the college, which should not be difficult for the writer, even the average level. There’s a big gap for 100%!


The price is pleasant, but even when you give a not very high price, you want to see the result. Is not it so? Moreover, we were very upset to meet up with deception. The website says that you can get $50 if you invite a friend and he or she will use the site services. We were not too lazy to check this information. As you may guess, it turned out to be false.


  • Free plagiarism;
  • Anonymity;
  • Money back;
  • Editing policy;
  • Quality assurance.


Is GradeMiners legit as for claiming they are a reliable online writing service? Does it provide high-quality written assignments? From personal experience, we got a text with punctuation grammatical errors, which the author has not edited. The text was really unique. However, no teacher at the university or even at school will put a good rating, for not a correctly written essay.


Support works, but not 24 hours a day, as much as it would be desirable. More precisely, when we wrote in an online chat folder, we were not answered within 3-4 hours. This suggests that if you need to solve an urgent matter, it is unlikely that you will succeed. For example, I want to mention PapersOwl writing service, where support team is more than ideal.


We had to start with this, and we started with the bad, which is not right. The interface is very convenient. The entire website design is done very professionally, you can walk through the web pages and find almost all the information you need. This is can be the only significant plus of this company.

This Is Our Review Conclusion

When a student decides to make an order using one of the proven legit writing services (like PapersOwl), he or she can be sure that there is no scam waiting for them. But making an order on you meet with several problems and cheating.

Such writing companies are very frustrating because they look very deceptive. The directors of the company hire the best designers to make a convenient and friendly interface for the clients. But you must answer the question to yourself! Is it enough for me? Just look at the beautiful picture and click on the bright buttons, or even find a good article on the blog, but do not get what you were needed on this website, and even after payment. On the Internet, there are many other sites where you can find and a good interface and same time great services.

+ Positives:
  • Convenient Interface.
- Negatives:
  • Poor quality;
  • Missing deadlines;
  • Unqualified writers;
  • Bad support work.

Reviews (11)

11 reviews for Professional Review: Evaluating


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  1. Jerry Hodder

    Really did not enjoy using Grademiners. I had high hopes and expected good things because of all the other good reviews but I did not like it one bit. I didn’t like the style of writing the person used. Did not appear at all professional to me and seemed to informal. I had to go back through it and change it to a more professional language which as you can imagine took me ages! I assumed, wrongly, that an essay writing service would be professional but I must have not ticked that box.

  2. Kristen D. Pennington

    I didn’t love the service I received from Grademiners because it was all a bit wishy washy. I didn’t have confidence it would be done or when it would be completed as the information, I did receive was conflicting. This made it so difficult to know when to expect the essay. It ended up coming early, I think, to when I expected it. But still, I think they could have stated this a lot better within the information provided. Obviously, I am happy it arrived early but I would have liked to had a set date as to when to expect it.

  3. Kevin L. Grogg

    I hope that every essay writing service isn’t like this one! I mean come on, from what I read on the website I was expecting an immaculate paper written by someone with a degree in chemistry. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the case however. The quality wasn’t great at all and the text just looked a little bland.

  4. Joseph O. Betts

    Grademiners was recommended to me by a friend who have previously used them. She didn’t rave about them but I rather use one that is legit than get scammed. I used this one purely on her recommendation and I found them to be okay. It was a bit basic but covered the main bits which is the main thing, I guess. I passed my course work which is actually the main point! I was glad I passed but didn’t get a high grade which is why I think they are only average. But then again I have nothing to compare it to so in the middle seemed fair!

  5. Mary D. Keck

    I haven’t used an essay writing service before so I gave grademiners a try. I needed a helping hand in a tough time during my studies. The order process only took a short amount of time which was nice. The writer sempt fairly knolwedagble too. I don’t think the final paper was awesome, but it got the job done.

  6. Cynthia P. Villarreal

    I struggled with Grademiners. I thought the communication was a bit rubbish. I ordered an essay and didn’t hear back from them so I was completely unsure if they had received my request or not. I then did it again thinking that maybe it did not go through and then they contacted me twice to say they received both. Complete nightmare and to say I was completely confused is an understatement! I think they need to make it a lot more clear because I can’t be the only one to make this mistake.

  7. Lori B. Edwards

    Grademiners were not fantastic at all. I’m sure there are worse services out there but this website didn’t fill me with confidence. Not even sure that their writers were real people to be honest. The only positive thing was the website and ease of use. The end produce was certainly not what I expected though.

  8. Janice B. Shelby

    Grademiners can go to hell. I paid good money for this service and definitely don’t feel I got what I paid for! I only wanted a simple financial article writing – I could have done it myself but didn’t have the time. They delivered it on the date I asked for, but I was hoping for more from the actual writing.

  9. Stephen B. Adams

    Grademiners? More like bad grademiners haha. Stay as far away as possible from this essay writing service! Literally don’t use them – ridiculous. Can’t even see how this company continues to gain custom. Everything about Grademiners was just off.

  10. Samual D. Brooks

    Grademiners is alright, not the best or worst I have ever used. It had some good elements and some that I think could defiantly be improved on. I have used essay writing services before and this was sort of average, in the middle. It didn’t really stand out and I’m not sure I would use it again but it wasn’t bad and nothing went wrong as per say. Just didn’t really rate it and I would use other options of paper writing services instead.

  11. Jesse A. Due

    I don’t love the idea of essay writing services but thought I would give Grademiners ago as I was getting behind and needed a bit of a break. I thought this would be a good option for just a one off. The essay I got back was average. It was not bad but I think I could have done time. I thought I had given someone an okay time period for it to be completed but it felt rushed and only covered the main points but no detail or explored these in any way. I only got a low grade so that’s why I’m leaving a poor review.

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