Privacy Policy

By surfing, you agree that we have access and may choose to or not disclose your personal information to serve the company’s legitimate interest. We collate and only disclose our visitors’ personal information in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations binding our terms of services. Every content published on this website is bound by applicable and copyright law.

Only with the consent and knowledge of our visitors do we disclose their personal information. Our team immediately notifies a visitor of the purpose of collecting personal data every time they share valuable information. Unless otherwise summoned by the law, every information provided by a visitor is primarily used to enhance the consumer experience on our website.

As a law-abiding corporation, we are legally bound to turn in incriminating information or data concerning our visitors to the law. This is not a contractual agreement to protect an individual against the prosecution of the law for screening incriminating information through our website. We respect and value your privacy, but we owe our visitors to keep the website safe from all incriminating and biased ideologies.

Data Collection

Information termed as “personal data” is dependent on the interaction between the website user and references made to the services offered by the company personnel. We’ve helped highlight a few possible categories to which data collection can be categorized.

Contact Details

Primarily, the website collects the contact details, including a customer’s full name, mobile number, and email address. We need this basic piece of information to sort out the requests and orders of our visitors per time. Order categorization helps speed up our response and service time to deliver the best at all times.

Identity Verification Information

To prevent the company and assigned personnel from being defrauded by a customer, we collect data to verify a customer’s payment eligibility status. We expect that every customer provides their online banking details to activate their payment status.

Account Information

The company keeps a tab on every customer’s purchase; this includes the financial data that make up a client’s transaction history. We collate this data for reference purposes in the case of a dispute between the customer and company personnel.


We may have access to your cookie’s history, enabling us to access your interests and preferences regarding our services. This data helps the website display information and content in your preferred language and method of the recipient.

Automatic Data Collection

Our website’s algorithm can access more than the contact information provided by every user when signing up to use our services. We collect data automatically, just like every other website in the webspace. The majority of this data allows the company to get additional information on its customers to provide more consumer-eccentric services.

We can access personal data like IP address, device information, language preference, login history, browser version, and your operating system. Our algorithm could go further by accessing a customer’s search history, system status report, and service preferences. The company sometimes utilizes the method of depersonalization when representing customer data.

Purpose & Use of Data Collated

Order Tracking needs an up-to-date customer order database to keep track of the order status, completion, and history. The personal data collated also helps the company review the customer’s identity relating to the order requested.

Customer Support

Our support team draws up an existing customer order history, account information, and personal information to refer their complaints. We need every piece of information available to provide the best solutions and answers to requests, questions, and assistance regarding our essay services.

Marketing collates consumer data as a marketing tool for keeping our customers updated on our services and offers. We do this in accordance with the law, and by accepting our Terms of Services during registration, you agree to get notifications, specialized offers, and order updates.

We attach links to every marketing campaign we issue out to our customers to enable them to unsubscribe from the services in the future. Information or notifications regarding the update of a customer’s order are considered of utmost importance to our team.

Research & Improvement

We need our customer data when analyzing market research on new products and services. Our market research analytic tools only make accurate consumer data analysis when provided with real-time or active customer data. Products and services upgrade helps to offer improved functionality and high-quality services second to none.

Security & Fraud Prevention

Our company collates data from the customer to detect and prevent potential cyber fraudulent activities on their accounts. We can easily flag a transaction for fraud or illegal activities if the user’s activities do not match the information on our database. Information provided by our customers can be used to make risk assessment evaluations to prevent cyber hacks.

Company Activity

We also use customer data to aid company management decisions and as references during staff training. Also, remember that the efficiency of our services revolves around how much customer data we can access to improve the quality we deliver.

Legal Basis relies on processing customer data to properly fulfill the terms agreed upon in every contract. When returning customers place an order, we identify each person’s customized request by the data provided in their contact information. It’s easy to tag each order under a name or alias in our database to further fulfill the obligations required by the company regarding the order.

Our company majorly uses the information provided by our customers to fulfill its legitimate interests. We compile these consumer data to extract the information needed to post relevant content on the website. It’s also legal for us to access your personal information for administrative and security purposes applicable by law. Above all, we ensure our intentions to access your personal information never outweigh your rights or legitimate interests.

Customer Rights

Customers are within their rights to request the information has about them at any point in time. You have the right to review, change, or depersonalize outdated information on the website. It’s also within our customer’s rights and in accordance with the law to request that our company stop using their data. These requests can only be made by contacting our administrative team.

If the information requested poses a threat to the identity of another person, we may reject your request by a legitimate exception. We take the release of such requests seriously to avoid depersonalization and legal suits. Customers are not required to provide personal information if they feel uncomfortable doing so. However, the company might restrict such customers from accessing its services or support privileges.

Privacy Policy Modifications may review and change any clause from this privacy policy at the company’s sole discretion. We review the terms of this document from time to time to ensure each clause serves the legitimate interest of both the customer and company. Often, we do not notify the public before changing the terms of the privacy policy document.

Our customers are always bound to the terms on the most recent version of the privacy policy on the website. We advise that visitors go through the policy frequently to watch out for clauses they might find unpleasing at any time.

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