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It has never been easy to remain a diligent and high-achieving student in the world of fast progress, when a person has so many duties and other things going on, it is just hard to keep the fine line between everything. It is getting harder to cope with tasks on time. Not to mention how much is required from you to deal with a large scope of papers, projects, reports, and other homework assigned at school or college. And that is why different essay writing services have entered our lives. However, while some of these writing services may try to fool you or do their job insufficiently, EssayReviewExpert is here to be your loyal friend and advisor on how to choose the best writing service for your needs!

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Who Are We?

The EssayReviewExpert team is made up of real peer review sharks whose mission is to find out the whole truth about any writing service that interests you. Our specialists have experience in studying various platforms.

Our professionals are attentive and passionate about their work. Each of them is trained to notice all the smallest nuances and shortcomings of the service, but most importantly, they are the people who value the truth the most, so nothing can stop them from finding it!

Our Best Experts

Joseph Stevens


Joseph Stevens

Joseph is a still-life picture to be used whenever it comes to thinking of what a person who knows everything about academic writing should look like . Joseph comes from an educational background, which lets him understand how the education system works to the bits. His professional principles are easy to follow and understand: dedication, honesty, and laboriousness. Whenever you read a review by Joseph, you can expect it to be conducted once, compiled twice, and double-checked thrice. Here are some focal points to bear in mind about Joseph.

  • Working with Joseph is like asking a university professor to check a paper, while the only difference is that Joseph checks those who write those papers.
  • Having checked hundreds of papers himself, he surely knows how a decent paper must look like. It should contain relevant content, be properly formatted and explicitly readable. Thus, a takes Joseph not much time to assess what is a high-quality writing service and what is not.
  • While plagiarism is one of the biggest concerns among the industry customers, Joseph is perfectly well cognizant of how to detect academic or any other kind of cheating or scamming. This unique skill lets him track down any unreliable information present on the company’s website.

Melissa Owens


Words are powerful, and Melissa Owens is the one who can harness their power to change people’s minds regarding a plethora of topics. A post-graduate student at the faculty of language and literature studies, Melissa has dedicated her life to researching how a truly captivating text must look like.

Having perfected her writing skills, based on years of theoretical and practical research of the text structure, she embarked upon scrutinizing the academic essay writing niche, eventually becoming an expert in defining what a decent academic essay writing service must look like.

We are abundantly delighted to have Melissa with us on this project, as she is truly instrumental in our drive to provide you with the very best essay writing services reviews. Melissa is responsible for researching real customers’ feedback on essay writing services on the Internet. Furthermore, she’s into understanding today’s students’ needs, as she is on her constant hunt for the answers to today’s students’ most burgeoning questions.

Melissa’s mission is to know everything about the services the students use to deal with their academic endeavors, as there is a lot of problems that students face when writing an essay. As a matter of fact, researching the very problems and issues faced by the students when dealing with the task of crafting a decent essay or course work is also a part of Melissa’s job.

Finally, accumulating the aforementioned knowledge, Melissa knows everything about the strategies and methods to recommend to students choosing an essay writing service. In our practice, we believe that only one’s ability to understand others’ problems and needs can lead to a successful solution.

What Do We Do?

Our expert team is here to assist students in making one of the most responsible and vital decisions in their life – which essay writing service to entrust their papers to. We dedicate ourselves to finding the best options for you and revealing dishonest companies that you should avoid.

What do we aim for? Our mission is to deliver objective and full reviews of the sites that are engaged in offering help with students’ academic papers in order to help you find the top writing service for you. Each service is carefully studied and evaluated by a large number of criteria that allow determining the quality of service and the work provided by its writers. All of this is done to protect you from possible risks.

How Do We Create Our Reviews?

This is a complex and multi-stage process that doesn’t imply a simple review of the information provided on the company’s website. Instead, we are digging as deep as we can to find out the real conditions and offers provided by each writing service!

What steps do we make to create a review? To provide the most reliable information, our team carefully studies each website and all its “dark corners” to find out everything we need to know about a particular provider of academic help. Then our specialists register as customers and test all the features of the service independently – including their support service, chats with writers, payment options, order forms, price calculators, and other functions. Then we place a fake order to see the quality that the service provides. After receiving a paper, we check it for grammar mistakes, the validity of the content, level of uniqueness, and compliance with the correct style, format, and other requirements. Also, our team searches for real ratings and reviews directly from customers of services.

In general, every review covers the following information about each writing service:

  • Pricing;
  • Speed of work;
  • Quality of the final product
  • Customer support;
  • Plagiarism level in completed texts;
  • Compliance with given guarantees, etc.

Benefit From The Best Reviews On Essay Writing Services!

Many students are wondering why we are doing this but the answer is as clear as it can be – we are here due to ensure that students won’t have to waste time searching for the right service and to protect them from being deceived. Our team knows that ordering any product online is full of risks. You can lose your money, time, and remain despaired not even realizing it because modern scammers are extremely inventive and ready to do anything in order to lure you into their nets.

But our team will not let them do it! We are here to serve you and we will not let you down! Thus, if you are in need of some quality academic help, rely on our honest reviews of essay writing services and you will never make a mistake!

Guest Writers

Tadd Arrington


Tadd Arrington is an experienced writer with several years of teaching experience under his belt. He graduated from the University of Michigan which also happens to be the same institute where his grandfather did his graduation from. In fact, he considers his grandfather to be the biggest influence in his life as he was an academician too. Tadd is filled with passion and he believes that education is a right and not a luxury.

He wants good-quality education to be accessible to everyone in the world and that is why he co-authored a reviewing forum titled EssayServiceScanner. It reviews and rates essay-writing services to assist students in choosing the best of the lot. Many students have problems in writing their essays and they seek help online. The issue is that there are too many options to choose from. That is where EssayServiceScanner comes into the picture.

Monica Sunners

Monica Sunners

Monica Sunners is a veteran educationist. Over the years, she has seen countless essays from countless students. So, she knows what a student needs to do in order to make an essay unique. She has utilized her experience and co-created a forum that shows you elaborate reviews of essay-writing services. In fact, the site reviews not only essay-writing services but also services that help students with coursework, term papers, assignments, research, and dissertations.

She fully understands the value of quality. There are many companies that pay reviewers to give them good feedback. However, Monica’s integrity and honesty are unquestionable because she always values the well-being of students above everything else. So, you can trust her without a shred of a doubt. The name of Monica’s reviewing forum is PapersBattle and you should try it at the earliest. You will definitely not be disappointed because her reviews are absolutely accurate.

Charlotte Molvig

Charlotte Molvig

Charlotte Molvig has prolonged experience in the field of teaching. She has in-depth knowledge regarding a wide variety of subjects including literature, psychology, linguistics, sociology, history, and so on. Living as a student first and a teacher next, she has a perfect understanding of exactly what it takes to make an essay stand out. So, she was able to use her knowledge to help build PaidPaper, a reviewing forum that reviews the quality of essay-writing services online.

After all, there are tons of essay writing services on the internet and that is why it gets difficult for a student to decide which one to go for. Thanks to Charlotte, Paid Paper is the ideal solution to this dilemma. She has made sure to design the forum in such a way that it is incredibly easy for students to use. The site is concise as well as informative at the same time.

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