Honest Academized Review

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Academized is a rather new company. It offers academic assistance to students of different academic levels and promises to deliver an excellent paper to them but is it true? Learn everything you need to know from our review.

Honest Academized Review
Honest Academized Review

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The website’s design looks neat but not more. The information provided is full of empty promises and is not straight to the point, so even after discovering it for half an hour, we could not find all the information that we needed. All they provide is a bunch of general words and phrases that do not add you any confidence in the reliability of academized.com.

The usability is okay. We should say that all important features work as they are supposed to and are within a short reach but it does not compensate other disadvantages of this website.

Prices And Special Offers

The rates at Academized are low. It may seem a good thing to many students. However, taking into account the disadvantages of this site that we are going to describe below, getting hooked on their cheap prices, you will eventually lose more!

As for the discounts, they offer a life-time discount of 5%, which you can get after your order 15 pages at their website, after 50 pages your discount is increased to 10%, and the last offer is 15% after you have ordered 100 pages.

How Does Customer Support Work?

There are two options to get instant customer service – a call and online chat. They claim that the support team is available 24/7, however, we couldn’t reach them by the number indicated on the website. The live chat works well – we left a message their at about 9 pm and received a helpful response only a few minutes later.

Is It Legit?

Although the writing service does not look as it would be illegal, the terms of use are a bit shady, while the profiles of writers do not contain much information and even have no photos available. As for the safety, they do not request any personal information, which is good.

What About Their Guarantees?

They do not give many guarantees on their website, however, even what they promise seems to be fake:

  • Money back guarantee – they have one but the amounts of compensation are too small, which once more proves – you are losing more;
  • Satisfaction – the quality is below average, so we can’t confirm this warranty either.


Every writer has a personal profile. At these profiles a customer can see the following details: rating, number of completed orders, status, clients’ reviews (which don’t look real compared to other academized.com reviews available on the Internet), and a list of skills possessed by every writer (which don’t have any actual proof). And that is it! Thus, you still can’t know for sure what qualifications, experience or education every writer has, and there are even no photos provided, although there is a special icon for them.

Quality Of Delivered Papers

If you are wondering whether is Academized scam or not, listen to this – even in a simple essay on English Language with deadline of one week, they failed to meet the provided requirements and were late. We received our order three hours after the deadline. The quality was below average – many orthographic and grammar mistakes, poor language, percent of plagiarism was only 54%, not mentioning it looked like the writer didn’t read the given requirements at all. We think that writer wasn’t native english speaker.

Final Words

Can we recommend you to use this company? After our and customers Academized reviews, the answer is no! Taking into account the poor quality and other flaws of Academized, which were provided in this review, we can conclude that this website is unprofessional and isn’t worth relying on it. It looks like it is constantly cheating on its clients.

+ Positives:
  • Cheap price.
- Negatives:
  • Poor quality;
  • Unqualified writers;
  • Lack of guarantees.

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9 reviews for Honest Academized Review


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  1. Christie R. Conner

    If this is what all essay writing services are like then I am not using one again! Academized wasn’t great at all really. I just wanted a simple biology essay writing and I had read paper writing service reviews which said this site was great. It wasn’t. The essay barely got me a pass – I expected a lot more for my money.

  2. Loretta R. Starr

    My experience with Academized is average at most. There was not anything amazing or out of this world nor anything that went terribly wrong. I got my essay and it was average as far as essays okay. Nothing really blew me away but everything was okay. Like everything was spelt correctly and met the word count but it was not the most thrilling essay ever. But I mean for the money I paid it was average. The benefits out way the negatives but it just was not as good as I had hoped for.

  3. Adam W. Cooper

    I guess the guys at Academized forgot about their name is they clearly haven’t got any academic experience or skill! This essay writing service was rubbish. I’m not even sugar coating things here. I didn’t like anything about the service – the website was trash, the prices weren’t great, and the essay was generic and bland. I wasn’t inspired and needless to say I didn’t even bother handing it in.

  4. Enrique S. Coulter

    I needed an essay so went to Academized and it was okay. Nothing stood out and it seemed to touch on the subject but not really go into any kind of detail so it wasn’t very good. It talked about the topic but did not provide any discussion or facts which would have almost defiantly improved my marks. It was always going to be a gamble using one of these essay writing service sites but it is not something I would use again even though I passed I think I could do better myself.

  5. Heather R. Atkinson

    The essay was alright. Not the best I had received by a long shot but basics were right. The structure was questionable. A bit jumpy from point to point and didn’t flow very well but all the points where in there. Just such a shame about the structure as it meant I had to rearrange it all so that it flowed better and was easier for people to read and understand. Because of all those reasons stated above I can only rate Academized a pretty low score of 2 which is pretty disappointing.

  6. Geraldine M. Deshazo

    I had such an awful experience with Academized and would never use them again. It was such a waste of time and money. I waited for what felt like ages for my essay to come back to me and when it did, I was gutted. It was so disappointing. It was not the quality I had expected to receive especially after such a long wait. I really thought it was going to be amazing because it took ages for me to get it back. I thought that meant the quality would be great but it wasn’t.

  7. Nelson R. Baker

    I was really short on time and didn’t have the opportunity to write the essay myself. I had a look and chose Academized. They looked decent. The process was straightforward which was a plus – I didn’t have to put much effort in to get my paper ordered. The quality was OK too, nothing amazing, but OK.

  8. Vera R. Rice

    I can only give Academized a low score because I was not thrilled with the overall experience or outcome of the process. I used Academized for an English paper because I assumed it would be written by a professional and therefore automatically better than anything else, I could write myself. It was slightly better than I could as I still got a higher grade than normal but I expected to get top marks because it is what these people do for a living. I still got a higher grade but I was banking on a super high mark instead.

  9. Eliza Hennessy

    This service seemed too expensive for the quality of work that it offers. I think that the price should be much less since the main buyer is of course students.

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