Do Essay Writing Services Work?

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Essay writing services have come to stay even though they are pretty controversial, especially regarding whether they work and whether it is right to use them. Essay writing websites are made of professional writers who fill in the gap for students, especially those in tertiary institutions juggling academic papers, assignments, projects, tests, jobs, or work and struggling to have a social life. The pressure to churn out a lot puts students in positions where they seek out services that can help them ease the load. A typical essay writing service would help students write their papers for a fee.

essay writing services

While paper writing services are gaining more and more popularity, the one question students ask before getting into it is, do they work? And are they reliable? With lots of options to choose from, you’ll need to be able to define which service is good.

Sadly, not all writing websites or companies are the same. You might have to look a little more to find a safe and trustworthy site that you can trust. Sites like IHateWritingEssays help with reviews and give you recommended sites that strive to be the best. To select one, we must first understand how they operate.

Criteria for selecting an Essay Writing Service

Before you latch on to any platform that offers writing services, it is advisable to look out for the following.

  • Zero plagiarism: To use a legit essay writing service, you have to ensure that they write completely original plagiarism-free works. Copied essays mean the student will get penalized, and the platform is churning out lazy articles.
  • Writers who are also native speakers: Most people who use the services of these writers are non-native speakers of the language of tuition, mostly international students who cannot write persuasive essays because of the limited access to the language. The platform must have proficient writers in the language to avoid grammatical errors during writing.
  • Direct access to writers: Students need to have direct access to the service to be effective. This is so revisions can be done easily and well, and so students can see that the essays are written to their desired taste. The service providers let the users talk to the writers to make the papers exactly how the students want them to be written. People’s skills on these platforms are still used by people getting a university degree or a Ph.D. to write good things. They become very important when you write a Ph.D. thesis because they can make or break your career.
  • Affordable fee: Different companies charge differently for essay writing, but while selecting, students should lookout to see that the fees are what they can afford and avoid being ripped off. However, bear in mind that cheap service mostly means poor output.
  • Anonymity: The platform must ensure that they are writing anonymously to avoid getting you in trouble.
  • Meet deadline: Deadlines are important when choosing paper writing services. Are they fast and efficient to churn out well-written papers before your deadline? Ensure that you do background checks before going in.
  • Customer Reviews: No self-respecting paper or essay writing company would allow negative reviews on their website, so it pays to check for external user reviews, especially from third-party/independent review sites. If you can’t find an online presence outside of their website, it may be that they’re a newly established business or that they have mediocre-quality output. People don’t talk about and recommend them. So, if you can’t find anything online, it’s better not to risk doing business with them. It’s never a smart move to leave it to luck when an essay could affect your final grade.

Is it wrong to use writing services?

The answer is no. There are a lot of writing companies that help students write their essays. They are professional and reliable; worth the money you pay for them. If you want to understand how important they are, put yourself in the shoes of students from countries where English isn’t their first language. Even though they can understand what they’re learning or pass a test, writing a full essay is hard for them.

Having online services that can write essays at affordable prices for a customer is a good thing. People who write for them help them understand the course, improve their writing skills, and prepare for their tests in a better way.

If you are a native English speaker, it sounds like it would be easy to call hiring essay writers immoral or fraudulent. But when you see why these kinds of services are important, you start to appreciate them even more, too.

Some of the Best Essay Writing Services you can explore


This one is one online that guarantees delivery on time, refund, satisfaction on your essay, as well as privacy. Edubirdie puts the consumer first and sets the writers on display with their global ranking to allow you to be thoroughly scrutinized. You can read a review on Edubirdie to learn more about the safety measures, fees, and user support.

EduBirdie Review

People at Birdie say that protecting their customers’ privacy and safety is their top priority. They also say that they do everything to keep your payment and private information safe. There isn’t much specific information about how they protect their customers on their website, which is a real shame.

In order to keep its good name on the internet, they try to make sure its authors have a 90% success rate.

The people who write are real people who speak different languages. It’s up to you to pick a region based on your location. There are a lot of experienced Canadian, British, and Australian scribes who can write a great text in a great language. It is a major reason why EduBirdie is better than other educational work companies.


PapersOwl is a custom paper writing service with a long history of producing high-quality work. Any customer may collaborate with a specialized professional writer to produce the perfect essay, no matter the subject matter. There is a plethora of essay writing available today, making it difficult to pick the best one. We’ve done this because we want you to be able to understand why PapersOwl is a firm you should collaborate with.

PapersOwl Mainpage

It is one of the best assignment writing services. The design focuses on making it simple for users to get around, log in, and do things.

The site’s fantastic enhancements provide a one-stop-shop for all your essay and study needs. Here’s a helpful blog full of practical advice and helpful tidbits to make college life simpler. PapersOwl also offers a YouTube channel where students can watch educational videos and answer their essay writing questions. The PaperOwls crew understands the value of high-quality, educational videos in today’s digital world.

Also, one of the best essay writing services, StudyMoose, is open to everyone, and registration is free. You may choose from a wide selection of pre-written articles using our simple-to-use tool. If you’d want more, you may pay for a custom paper.

StudyMoose Mainpage

Everyone from high schoolers to doctoral candidates uses StudyMoose. Since it’s situated in the United States, you know you’re getting 100% original content. Study Moose provides a mix of free and paid options. Using the website, you may access a library of previously-written examples. Papers, on the other hand, cover a wide range of subjects. However, there is a notable paucity of articles on specific subjects in the collection.

StudyMoose isn’t only an essay repository; it also features a plagiarism detector that you may use for free. As a result, this is a wonderful resource to consult if you’re getting ready to write a paper.

StudyMoose can provide services if you don’t want to create the document or do the work yourself. Additionally, the website offers three paid resources for document creation, revision, and assessment. As a result, it’s a complete solution.

Professionals can be hired from high school through college. The authors can also supply you with a research paper, term paper, review, capstone project, articles, lab reports, and dissertations. You’ll need to pay for the assistance if you want to use it.

This features a clean and easy-to-use design. With over 10 years of experience in the market and +20,000 customers, Edusson is definitely one o the best options. may select from a variety of papers to be ordered from this site. If you need help with any of your college or university tasks, here is the place to go.


You may check over the profiles of online writers and select one. Furthermore, if something goes wrong, they provide a quick return option. One option is to accept the assignment as is, or you may ask for it to be redone and get a new copy of it from a different person.


The bottom line is that these websites are legit, and they work. Essay writing is a skill not everyone has. It becomes even more challenging when one has to balance school, its pressures, and other aspects of life. So, they give you an out by providing you with the best essays that can help you keep your grades up. The requirements are few, and the websites are easy to use if you hire writers.

There is no way for the professors to find out who wrote an essay, so they must accept it. With these experts, you can be sure that your work will be of high quality, and they also make sure that no plagiarism is being done.


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