Narrative Report Structure

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Narrative Report

The narrative text is a type of text that is characterized in that it tells a series of facts or events, which can be real or fictitious. These events are carried out by characters and occur in a specific place and time.

Of all the characters that appear in the narrative, the most important is the narrator, who oversees informing the reader of everything that happens in the story. Some of the best-known examples of narrative reporting are essays, short stories, novels, chronicles, or biographies. We will show you how to write using a proper narrative essay structure and thus compile excellent reports.

What is a Narrative Essay and its Important Characteristics?

Before getting to the structural part, it is important that we remember what type of writing we are facing. A narrative essay is one that tells us a story through the figure of a narrator who explains the facts to us. It has specific characters who are experienced by the plot and in all the narratives there must be at least one action, a conflict that involves the characters.

Storytelling is an important element in current educational strategies, as it stimulates creativity and attention from students. It is no wonder that activities like narrative reporting become so common in classrooms.

A narrative report is a journalistic story that recounts an event through narrative reporting. That is, it tells a story, with the purpose of informing and attracting the attention of the audience. His grace is in presenting the story from the beginning to the end, structured from beginning to develop, and end.

Narrative Report Structure

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Generally, it requires a much longer and deeper investigation, compared to other types of reports. Moreover, documents are analyzed, opinions are collected, and people, places, or objects related to the event are described.

A narrative report does not have to be always literary, that is, in our day-to-day, we can use the genre of the essay to explain something that has happened to us. All the stories that we tell have the outline that we have explained: the story begins with the approach, the knot is told, and then the end is explained. Therefore, the narrative essay exists inside and outside of literature.

Types of Structure in a Narrative Report

To know what the structure of a narrative report is, it is important that we bear in mind that, in general, it has always been determined that there are two types of textual structures: external and internal. And this also occurs within the narrative.

The external one explains the way a narrative report is organized. There are different ways to do it, for example:

  • Chapters
  • Paragraphs
  • Acts or scenes (in the case of the dramatic genre especially)
  • Sequences
  • And so, on

Internally, narrative reporting assumes the way in which the content is structured, that is, how we organize the information to be narrated. This outline is made up of 3 parts that we will analyse in more detail below:

Introduction or Approach. It is the introductory paragraph when the main point, the essay topics, the characters, the historical context, etc. are presented in chronological order.

Knot or Development. It is the moment of the narration in which the conflict or supportive arguments begin to occur in the short story outline.

Denouement or Final. Conflicts are resolved and a “normality” is returned, which may be the same as the one raised at the beginning or different.

Important Elements in Narrative Reports

Within any narrative we find a series of elements that make up the essay:

The narratorit is the voice that the writer uses to tell the reader what happens in the narrative essays. The narrator is in charge of presenting and describing the rest of the characters, placing them in a specific space-time context. He is one of the most important and representative figures in the narrative essay.
Timethe cases that develop throughout the narrative report are located in a defined time; that is, the time in which the action occurs. This can be linear, that is, follow a chronological order or quite the opposite, be a narrative reporting in which fragments that correspond to different times are interspersed.
The spaceit is the place or the different settings in which the main action of the narrative takes place. A narrative report can have a single space or many and is very varied, depending on the type of action that is told and the things that happen to the characters.

Structure of a Good Narrative Report

This kind of essay differs from a research paper and its writing process is made up of four fundamental parts:


After reading the cover and title, a reader generally looks at the topics. It is the first element that should arouse curiosity in the reader, so it is usually creative and resourceful. To make it happen, enjoy the freedom of style and be unique. This allows playing with literary points, such as metaphor, double meaning, hyperbole, among others. It is a brief paragraph essay part and is generally accompanied by a title and a subtitle.


Give the details necessary for understanding and to place the reader in the story. Like the title, a good entry should captivate the audience. Therefore, it is required to be approached in an interesting and creative way, so try to write accordingly.

Unlike a news story, whose first paragraphs are enough to inform you, the essays need to be read completely so that the reader is sufficiently aware of the topic. In this way, for the entry to fulfill its mission of encouraging the reading of the essay, it is possible to resort to analogies, anecdotes, textual quotes, etc and describe them properly.

Development or Body

It is the most extensive part of reports, as it is responsible for developing the history of it to the maximum. In it, all the topics’ details collected are exposed. That is, the characters, places, happenings, interviews, data are presented … It is made up of several paragraphs that must be interconnected and written incoherently.


The conclusion should have a special effect on the reader. The style or purpose of it depends on the author. Generally, this is a recapitulation of how the story is made, to check, describe, and clarify everything and convey a sense of closure.

However, this section can also be used by the author, to present his argued reflections based on the body of the work. In addition to inviting the audience to draw their own conclusions. Or it may end with a moral, hoping that the reader will read & acquire a lesson through the narrated story.

How to Write an Excellent Narrative Report?

Making a report takes a lot of effort, as it involves a thorough investigation and must comply with preserving the interest of the public. So, you need to understand this is not an easy task. Perform this critical action considering the following fundamental requirements.

Narrative Essay

Assemble a Work Plan to Guide Your Research

Before starting to prepare the thesis, the author must have the main idea and consider what he is going to investigate, what he intends to obtain, and how he is going to do it. For this, it will be useful to organize a road map, which establishes both a calendar and the topic to be investigated.

This forecast should not be underestimated, as it guides the personal actions of the author and optimizes the use of time and resources. In this planning process, it is possible to visualize from the beginning which people, places, or documents should be consulted to make essays.

Do Your Research

Keep in mind that a report deserves a deep and exhaustive investigation, as it will never be a simple story, it will always go further.

The author must be genuinely interested in telling a good story. At no point can you settle for incomplete or superficial information. Rather, you need to research with a lot of energy and effort, towards the goal of digging as deep as possible and generating a real effect on your audience.

Involve a Style That is Attractive to the Reader

When making a report, it is necessary to use some literary techniques, to keep the reader interested in the topic. For this reason, it is recommended to develop the expressive freedom and personal style of the author. To try to hook the audience, introduce them and deliver a good piece of reading, it will be wise to include the use of comparisons, metaphors, anecdotes, quotes, examples, detailed descriptions, among other elements.

Ensure to Have a Fluent Storyline

Long paragraphs and the use of elaborate language create confusion and fatigue in a reader. To do this, the use of complex phrases or technicalities is avoided, as these interfere with the reading process.

To achieve clarity and precision in the report, it is enough to use simple language. It is recommended to use a direct, common vocabulary, suitable for the public. Although this does not exclude the use of any cultured word if it is not excessively.

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