Is Essay Writing Service Legitimate?

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Many students all over the world are used to order essays online but the majority of them still has no ideas are essay writing services legal or not? In fact, it is absolutely legitimate and there are few reasons to prove that.

Why Is Writing Service Legal?


At the beginnings, an authentic essay writing service will permanently have terms of service on its webpage. A credible essay performing service will always include terms of service on its website. These terms are for customers to agree on and are visible all the time. Every website client without any prime account can easily get acquainted with them. That’s why for using the service customers agree on them before using a product or making an order. And when they are hiring contractors of essay writing companies they have to abide by websites rules and accept its disclaimers.

Established Official Conditions

Usually, a typical disclaimer cautions that the papers produced by a service are only for research or reference purpose.  Being under such condition companies easily absolve themselves from any pretense of plagiarism or dishonesty. Therefore, customers order their products just for ethical purpose and their materials could be used as a basis for students to write an essay or graduates works. But they also can use them as their original paper, without replacing any word. The presented juristic points are recognized to be a foundation of legit essay writing companies.

It Is All About Request Fulfilling

The main service of writing companies is to provide their customers with payable opportunity to make all details about students essay clear. And it comes to be especially useful for students who can’t catch up with all stuff.

It is a typical thing that the majority of the young obtain side jobs to manage all the expenses needed. And they want to spend much time with their second couples or simply having a rest at home or shared room. Although, there are a lot of causes that make student cheat.


Last but not least is that most essay writing services do not transfer ownership of their papers to the buyer. Being the only authors of produced essays writers don’t expect from buyers to put their own names on the paper they get. And here is nothing to be concern about. In 99, 9% of occasions the writers will approve that you are the sole owner of introduced work.

To conclude, such a list is what people should face about the reality of legit essay writing services.

Why Do Students Cheat In College?

The only thought that comes to mind considering students cheating is that they are lazy and are looking for the easiest way to get high results in institutions. Yes, some learners are, but we need to observe the whole picture of things. Sometimes it is not difficult to put yourself in their position and see that they usually have no other choice than ordering a ready-made paper.

Prejudices About Essay Writing Service

  •    They help students to cheat

There is a suggestion that such companies as one mentioned on the top develop in students such bad kind of character as academic cheating by offering them an easy student lifestyle. Some people are sure that it could cause other types of frauds that would follow learners all the life.

But in reality, what they aimed to do is to supplement the research efforts of the customers. They highlight clear pointers for clients to stand closer to the point and increase a chance of being succeeded.

  •    They lower academic ethics

Enough number of teachers and lectors are assured that so-called “legitimate essay writing service” involves in studying process and resist all principles of the education system. Educators believe that due to that their apprentices cheat.

In fact, they provided customers with a golden opportunity to appreciate their honesty and originality as well as they take care of the quality of papers produced and who knows might it be possible if it weren’t for their research work that lots of topics highlighted didn’t make some contribution to the research works.

  • They make students lazy

Some people consider that essay writing service has more disadvantages than advantages and the main its goal is not giving an educational help but tips for students how to become lazy with their branch of services. That’s why apprentices deny performing difficult tasks and become poorly-educated.

This statement could be easily justified because the companies can’t substitute the hard work that learners must put in to succeed in their essay. They may help but it depends on the client to do the main part of learning.

Other Reasons For Cheating

  •    Great ambitions

In fact, most students are not lazy at all. Being young they are very ambitious and have their own perception of the thing.  It repeatedly takes place that getting all A’s is hardly possible even if you try hard and a single bad grade can be a barrier to receive a scholarship or to graduate the institution you would like to. And what do students have to do then? Under these circumstances, learners don’t have another choice while getting stuck with the paper except applying to reliable essay writing service and look for some other ways of cheating.

  •    The competition is ruthless

Latest surveys examined another common reason for cheating.  It is the pressure imposed by the tough competition. From the early periods of civilization, boys are used to competing and the same thing could be observed nowadays. They usually have a habit to compete with other classmates to prove their value. And when they find out that somebody is cheating they don’t want to fall behind and use the same methods.


Today’s students face a system that doesn’t correspond to their interests and wishes. Colleges impose great expectations that are sometimes not possible to meet. And all of the factors pointed above to push the apprentices to cheat with the new strength day by day. But it is always up to them to decide how to manage their studying process and nobody else will do that instead of them.

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