Academic Freelance Writer vs Essay Writing Service

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There are many disagreements in students’ circles towards the services where it is more beneficial to order papers. Some believe that Freelance is approved platform for customers to receive their writing works from the writers all around the world. Meanwhile, others regard essay writing service is the most reliable and promising one. But we examined both of them and already have the results.

Huge Difference


This is almost everywhere on the Internet and its axiom could be opened by any network user in the shortest time. And mostly there are newcomers who face various types of fraud. There are lots of cheaters, masked by reliable writers and there are also freelancers who can quit their work in the middle. Sometimes freelancers take orders they can hardly manage.

Alas, not every freelance exchange has such an option as protection of deals but only the largest and most well-known ones. At this point, you should pay much attention to choosing a stock exchange and figuring out how it works on each specific service, and one more useful solution towards Freelance is to work on prepayment.  It is a great way to protect you from being cheated. For more tips check different forums and reviews.

Unlike Freelance, essay writing services stand out by its high level of security and it could be easily proved because such companies thoroughly hire qualified writers. The stuff there traditionally is fewer than on Freelance. This means that it is easy to keep an eye on workers and punish them when needed.

Moreover, an obtaining the job in such companies is regarded to be more difficult comparing to freelance where almost every medium-qualified worker can find a work. These highlighted factors enormously reflect in the work service they produce.


It may come as surprise but blackmail also takes place on some writing papers websites and Freelance is not an exception. There are some methods freelancers use to blackmail customers and one of the popular ones is a fake account. They simply go through verification and then demand pre-payment from customers. After getting the transactions they just disappear.

One witness had such unpleasant experience and shared it to the forum audience that all was about the huge mischievous between him and his freelancer. He posted a question about the writer competence and provided him with all pieces of evidence of his mistakes. Threatening him from being banned freelancer said that the client just tried to learn the secrets of his methods of work.

But everything could be different. Essay writing service takes care of the blackmail because it can affect its reputation. With no doubts, there are some occasions of blackmailing from writers side but service is developed in the way that customer can make a complaint and the author may be done. What is more, payment performing is highly secured. And it takes no efforts for the service to refund for any kind of misunderstanding.

Here appears the logical question: “How to choose a safe essay writing service?” The reasonable solution is to figure it out looking through some writing services reviews or forums. One more item is to ask your comrades about any well-experienced ones.

Following The Deadline

The following deadline is not a simple assignment, because catching up with the terms needs some skills of time-management. And it occurs that some of the freelancers are overloaded with orders that have different deadlines. That’s why they find it difficult to organize themselves.

One more reason why this takes place repeatedly on Freelance is that there are quite enough inexperienced and freshmen there who are weak in practice. And there aren’t also some services to control this since writers work for themselves.

It is a simpler foundation for essay writing services because they start working on your paper already after receiving an order. There is mostly qualified staff of experienced writers to perform progressively. If writers have lots of essays to produce they are taught to control their time and plan all things faithfully.

There are also some occasions that authors physically don’t manage to perform with all papers having. Under such circumstances, they have to inform the customer at the very beginning or in advance. Anyway in case of failing with terms you are usually promised to get a refund.

Quality Guarantees

As it was mentioned above, Freelance is mostly for people who simply try to perform well since they are freshmen. And referring to that fact they are unable to produce high-rate works because of their inexperience. And being aware of their time-management skills it is hard to believe that some of the writers who have lots of work to do can give customers paper with perfect or well content.

Different reviews give the information that Freelance doesn’t take high positions in producing qualified compositions. Probably, that’s simply not the high time. And to sum it up, there are no guarantees of security that a freelancer can qualitatively and safely do his work, unlike other trustworthy writing companies.

As for essay writing services, it must be their cup of tea since qualified specialists who organize their time well may perform with a wise mind. Their special feature concludes that they provide customers with a revision to satisfy all of their wishes. And this service could be not one-time used demanding on the reasons for it.

But if the quality of the paper means for you more than other points of performing you should choose the writing service which considers this factor to be its strongest side. But you never know where you can find the most suitable piece of writing work.

Therefore, you see which writing platforms are in details. And if you haven’t decided yet where it is more beneficial to order papers we have prepared qualified and professional reviews to help you find a best essay writing website. All you need is to determine with the most profitable one and wait for enjoyable writing work.

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