Why Do Students Dare To Cheat On Essay Writing?

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It comes with no surprise that quite enough number of students cheat on essay writing. But why do they do that? It comes as nothing enormously complicated to divide the work into long periods for the most comfortable performing. May it be like a kind of degradation of the young and their turning into lazy people who wouldn’t succeed? During our small research, you will get an answer to all of the questions pointed.

Why Do Students Cheat?

Hot deadlines

One of the most popular reasons why learners cheat is that they want to avoid missing deadlines troubles. They usually have little time to accomplish their papers. Then they find applying to some essay writing services as the best choice in such situation. But couldn’t they start doing their piece of writing in advance to save their money and so-called “academic etiquette”? It may depend on different reasons.

They are just afraid of losing their scholarship or receiving a bad grade that can influence university or college Entrance Company.  Those are assured that they will not manage to perform it for the A and it would be a great idea to leave this for professionals. Under circumstances their paper is under work there is one thing left. They have to be concerned about getting the qualified essay on time.

Overloaded schedule

One more famous cause that students can’t catch up with all tails and terms is that they spend the half of the day working and physically they have no free time to work on the essay. And for some people obtaining a work is a necessary thing to pay for the college or the hall of residence and so on. You might know what it is to come back from home quite exhausted.  It is not about a reluctance to perform paper, but all about the lack of time.

It also takes place that learners don’t have a work but any other side things like many additional lessons or groups visiting during the day. That’s why they also don’t have enough spare time to get over it. Such people really believe that there is not the best solution except this one and if to put ourselves into their position it is quite reasonable.

How Many Students Cheat In College?

If to open up any statistics it would be clear how many students use cheating in student’s life. We should admit that the percentage amount of such people has risen during past 40 years. Today it is also the above-average college-bound learners who are cheating and it was surveyed that about 86% of apprentices agreed they did essay cheat.

It was noticed that the foreign students are used to doing that too. It is because they find it difficult to write a research on foreign language. The benefit that attracts learners the most is that the cheaters are getting 100 on the exam, while the non-cheaters may only get 90’s.

Why Do College Students Cheat?

To broad the basis knowledge

It is hard to believe in but some learners apply to write services simply to get more information about the subject or to receive a help in organizing the papers but not to present it to the teacher as their own. They are highly convinced that it is more beneficial to be given the curious help like this than to order the ready-made essay.

Does it really useful? Without doubts, you are provided with all tips in analyzing, but the very research you do on your own. That’s why the majority of information you look for will stay in your mind for a long and make you more broad-minded. Thus, many skeptical people those consider that using essay writing services make children lazy and don’t broad their mind must be mistaken. Is it a cheat?

To avoid pressure

One of the oddest things, why students cheat, is to stay respectable for parents and the teacher. In case those who born for studying have no desire or find it time-consuming, they order a qualified paper online. It is a chance for such apprentices to show off before the class and to be appreciated by the teacher. Also, boys find it appropriate chance to compete for girls attention and turned into the smartest one for a while. But does it worth it?

How To Cheat On An Essay?

Plagiarize properly

Take the old copy and paste method alone simply won’t do. Here you need to be fancy and change some words or replace some for synonyms to avoid detection. If you’re copying from some PhD professor’s article and you’ve found something like “the animalist duplicity of Milton’s prose”, you may want to dumb it down so they don’t smell a rat. It requires much attention in order not to fail.

Manipulate the words volume

Have you ever had to make up a 3000-word essay and hit a brick wall at 2000? There are a few things you can do to help build it up some more, for example, change ‘Shakespeare’ to ‘William Shakespeare’, “U.K.” should become the United Kingdom. Have you got the principle?

Send the wrong file to your instructor

If you feel the deadlines coming quickly, send a file your teacher won’t be able to open. If you have to e-mail your work, you can corrupt a Word document by opening it up in notepad, delete some lines, and re-save it as an unreadable file. This trick is about winning some time to finish the paper.


To summarize, many students apply for essay writing service for different reasons. But try to avoid possible cases of deception and falsification. Keep in mind that turning to such services is not all about getting rid of your assignments at any cost, it is more about choosing a safe writing company that can help you perform better. In order to help you with it, we collected full essay service reviews for everybody to choose the best one.

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