UKEssays Review 2022

Joseph Stevens Joseph Stevens  — 01 Feb 2022
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Without preamble, it is admissible that UKEssays writing service is considered one of the most popular in the UK. They are a teeming British organization that deals with writing essays and all other types of assignments. With that said, it is important to know that although UKEssays is not a scam, they do have a few discrepancies that would be addressed in our review.

There are so many writing services in the UK, which is why you must read reviews to be sure you’re not dealing with a scam. In this rating and review, we will be sharing information on UKEssays prices, service overview, their essay writing service rating, and many more.

UKEssays Review 2022
UKEssays Review 2022


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Table of Contents


    With the prominence of UKEssays writing service in the UK, it is understandable why they offer a broad portfolio. However, as you read further, you will come across other important factors in this review.

    Services Overview

    They do more than just write. Their services include:

    • Essay
    • Dissertation
    • Article samples
    • Guides
    • Editing services

    UKEssays Mainpage

    These days, pupils get busy with school activities. They are tasked with several assignments all at the same time, with deadlines looming closer every second. This can cause emotional and physical stress, and in a bid to curb this, platforms like this were created to help them maneuver their way through school.

    UKEssays Services

    As a custom writing site, you will find assistance for virtually every project and assignment you need, but you’ll read further to know why we won’t be recommending this page.

    Types Of Services

    For a complete UKEssays review, we would be touching on the type of articles provided by their company. Their academic portfolio is very wide and is as follows:


    • Assignment
    • Coursework
    • Essay plan
    • Reflective
    • Research paper


    • Dissertation
    • Dissertation editing
    • Dissertation proposal
    • Topics with titles
    • Capstone project


    • Marking
    • Editing
    • Report
    • PowerPoint presentation
    • Exam revision
    • CV samples

    In cases where you don’t want to make an order, you can find paper samples to help you write yours.

    Free Essay Samples

    Free samples are required for a lot of reasons. Some pupils can simply not afford to pay money for a paper order, and all they need is a simple boost. Samples can help give them an outline or serve as a wireframe they can follow to write their original essays.

    UKEssays Essay Samples

    This center provides these samples. They have quite a vast number available. It might be better to use these samples instead of making a purchase, seeing as the quality of work given for paid papers is nothing to boast of.


    This is a major criterion we looked into during any of our reviews, and for UK essays, they failed considerably in this aspect. Firstly, the company widely claims that all their writers have degrees and vast experience in academic writing services. We made our findings and realized that this was not true.

    Secondly, their application process is minimal, which simply means anyone can apply and get in. The platform only requests educational credentials and a personal statement from prospects, and literally, anyone can do this. Other platforms usually put their prospects through rigorous language and writing examinations, but UKEssays do not have this in place.

    Putting our findings aside, we checked available reviews, and the feedback remained the same. The majority of the customers complained of the lack of originality and experience in their articles. The only upside is, they were true to deadlines.

    Expensive, with average writers and no customer support. In general, I am not happy. I think there are much better options out there and there are more affordable service providers. This one is just slightly below average. I got a paper and it was fine but nothing spectacular. With a much lower price they could be better. – Daniel T., University of Tennessee student

    Prices And Discounts

    For the mediocrity they deliver, bills should be relatively low. However, the opposite is the case. UKEssays offer the most expensive writing service in the United Kingdom. From one of their online reviews, a student complained about ordering an 8-page paper for £529 and still not getting the level of excellence she expected. Another student ordered a 10,000-word article for £1300.

    UKEssays Prices

    We think this is unfair for students like you who already pay tuition, accommodation, utility bills, and constantly living on a budget. If this platform was created for you, then it should be affordable enough.

    Discounts, on the other hand, are simply non-existent. They do not offer any bonus or promo codes to new or returning customers, even though there is a section where they put up faux “limited offers.” Chances are, even if you subscribe to the newsletter, you might not be able to win this bit, especially as a low-income student.


    When you visit their page, you can look at the “terms of use” section for knowledge on their guarantees and policies.

    For their revision policy, it is quite clear, and there are usually few complaints. According to the website, you can request a revision within seven days after receiving the final version of your work. You can only do this if major discrepancies or omissions are caused by the writer’s inability to follow your set instructions and guidelines. The writer handles the first complaint directly, but if you’re not satisfied, the agency would have to step in.

    UKEssays Guarantees

    That might be clear. But the refund policy? It is not so easy. A lot of people have complained about this aspect of their business. In their “terms of use”, it is written that the client can request a refund in cases of broken promises, inauthenticity, late delivery, low grade. This business would be taken directly to the agency. However, they have the upper hand, seeing as there’s no guarantee that the case would be ruled in the client’s interest.

    Accordingly, people have complained about being denied refunds based on these grounds. They received low-quality papers, and when they requested a refund, the agency refused by saying the article was good enough.

    Customer Support

    The UKEssays claim their support team is top-notch and is what makes them the best. However, they do not provide a 24/7 customer team and should not be making these claims.

    UP Support

    Firstly, in their contact section, it is clearly stated that their working hours end on 9 PM weekdays and 6 PM weekends. This would simply not suffice. Scholars, sometimes, do their assignments till late at night, and isn’t that the entire point of platforms like this?

    As a new client, you have their full, undivided attention when it comes to personal matters. Your messages are answered in time, and the response rate is sharp. However, when you start to complain about certain terms, this rate reduces until you’re left waiting for days on end to get an answer to one simple question.

    Quality of Paperworks

    The paper quality is quite low, especially for a platform with ridiculously tremendous demands. From our findings, we realized that complaints are generally in the following areas:

    • Wrong choice of words
    • Bad sentence structure
    • Misspellings
    • Format problems
    • Grammatical errors

    Even though some clients had no complaints, we could not ignore the large numbers of people who had something to say about their paper being full of mistakes.

    Low Rated Essay Writing Services
    Experts rating
    User rating
    Key problems
    Experts rating
    User rating
    Pay for results before the paper is ready
    Not much helpful customer support
    Only PDF format you can receive before the paper is approved
    Experts rating
    User rating
    Fake images on writers’ profiles
    Service is somewhat unreliable
    Shady pricing schemes, which are different from competitors

    Is UKEssays Legit And Reliable?

    Yes, UKEssays is a legit corporation. However, their reliability should be decided by you.

    They do everything they claim to; however, the quality they offer is low. Their team is slow and can be hostile. Some of their finished articles contain a lot of errors, and their bills are unbelievably lofty.

    • Deadline is met
    • Availability of free samples
    • The platform is good and friendly
    • Extremely high prices
    • Customer care support is almost non-existent
    • Tricky money-back guarantee
    • They do not offer discount
    • No plagiarism check


    Our report is extensive, and by now, you already know UKEssays is not a scam. However, we cannot ensure their reliability and would not recommend it to any student looking for assistance.

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    ❌ Is UKEssays reliable?

    UKEssays is not reliable; if you decide to trust their paper and submit it, you are going down.

    👎🏻 Is UKEssays Legit?

    Yes. UKEssays is a legit corporation with a clean record. Although there are some negative reviews, there has never been an accusation of scam or theft.

    ✒️ What is is a paper writing service that students can use to write their papers if they can't.

    ⛔️ Is UK Essays trustworthy?

    UKEssays is not trustworthy because you cannot trust their services. They have unclear policies and poor writing quality, making it difficult to trust them.

    🆘 Is UKEssays safe?

    Since UKEssays offers low-quality service, it would be wrong to refer to it as a safe service.

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