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Price5 is an essay writing service company for students, corporate business owners, programmers, and anyone who needs writing help. The platform provides tutoring assistance in different subjects and many types of assignment assistance for all academic levels ― high school, undergraduate, Masters, and PhD seekers. It’s not written when this company started, so, have nothing positive to say about their legitimacy on the market. However, the website looks attractive and welcoming to all who want to spend some cash. The background colours are orange, black and white. Tabs and icons are well-arranged at strategic points, which makes it easy to navigate.

MyAssignmenthelp Review
MyAssignmenthelp Review


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MyAssignmentHelp Review

We reviewed with the intention of finding out more about the level of their mode of operation and service delivery. Reviews are meant to give the public an insight into a company’s customer experience. They are also meant to show the company being reviewed areas where they need to improve upon. Thus, MyAssignmentHelp reviews are essential to read if you want to use their service.

While the website looks enticing, let’s clarify that the content of the site itself might be misleading because not every bit of information is entirely true. Yes, you read that right. We have reasons and proofs that back all we tell you here. Now, see below the initial questions we had. We believe these are mere fronts the platform puts forward in order to gain more traffic to their site. All will be addressed adequately as you read on.

  • This company prides itself on the quality of writers and work they do.
  • The money back guarantee and steps of retrieving
  • Discount policy and how it works
  • The pricing system review

Assignment Services

When you open the services tab on, you will find more than 10 assignment writing services that they offer. Also, subcategories of each service roll out when you click on it. For example, programming services have web design, SAS and others. The downside of this is the limitation. These guys don’t provide help with editing, presentation, copywriting, and so much more. Here are the details of what My Assignment Help does

  • Assignment
  • Dissertation
  • Case study
  • CDR
  • Report review
  • Programming
  • Referencing
  • Thesis review
  • Homework
  • Course work
  • Research review
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Essay typer ― portal for essay writing services

All customers are grouped into three  ― premium, standard and limited. What does it mean? The quality and timing of the services you receive are based on your group. Of course, premium users have the best ones. This is one of the things we found most appalling about

Ordering and Payment

Going through the website, one is likely to be highly impressed, but from experience, we all know that no company is going to talk bad about themselves on their website or anywhere for that matter. To order for an article, one has to sign in or create a new account on their website then proceed by providing basic information like email address, specific subject, the assignment length, and deadline.

Step two involves refining your order by including a topic, the preferred writing style, and uploading necessary files. You will have to chat with their online customer service representatives in order to know the price of what you want and also in order to receive a payment gateway link. After completing checkout and the payment is confirmed, the order updates will be made available via your personalised dashboard on the website or via your email address. Their process for ordering and paying for an article is not a simple one. Simple payment processes are the vital pillars of any online business but not so at

Payments are secured by DMCA protection but there are limited options to pay in. They only allow the use of Mastercard, Visa, Amex and Discover. We didn’t find American Express or Paypal.

MyAssignmentHelp Payment Review

Writing Quality

Surprisingly and quite absurd, My Assignment Help offers grade C-level articles. A client can either choose to be given a grade A writeup, or a grade B writeup, or a grade C writeup. Grade C! Really? It’s quite disturbing to think that a company that offers and promotes top-quality academic writing skills and services will be offering a baseline average or below average article for its clients.

A lot of short MyAssignmentHelp reviews lamented about the low writing quality and high rates of grammatical errors displayed by some of their writers. Many are quite sure that the articles they received were not written by native English speakers. This is evident in the composition of the entire structure of the article presented to these lamenting clients.

An individual whose first language is not English can be easily spotted by their unbalanced speech and writing. It’s not a thing to be ashamed of in any way, but for someone to try and pretend that they have high-quality language skills when they don’t is inappropriate. This act of pretence, just for financial gain, by their writers only worsens the already drowning reputation of the company.

Prices and Guarantees

The price of your order will depend on the number of words, deadline and type of price edition ― premium, standard or limited. The average cost of 250 words ( 1 page) is $28. MyAssignmentHelp is one of many seriously overpriced. When compared to other essay writing services, $28 for one page is expensive. As for guarantees, we discovered the following:

  1. Loyalty guarantee
  2. Referral
  3. Refund
  4. Revision
  5. Free tools
  6. Claims

MyAssignmentHelp Prices Review

Customer Satisfaction

Compared to other academic writing platforms, their prices are on the high side. If a client fails an assignment using an article written by their writers, they are given a 50% discount, after proof of failure must have been presented within 30 days of the result being issued. The company promises to sack the writer who delivered the essay writing service. From all indications based on various short MyAssignmentHelpreviews from disgruntled clients, the company does not refund, except cases of being wrongfully charged twice during checkout.

Some people claimed that after demanding a refund and raising issues with the payment gateways like PayPal, because of the poor quality of articles received, they received threats of blackmail from representatives of the company. According to these former clients, these representatives would warn that if they do not withdraw their complaints from the payment gateways (who have the power to refund a payment after their My Assignment Help review of the situation), the educational institution of the client will be contacted and claims of plagiarism will be reported with obvious proof from their transaction with the company.

Most of these complainants back down at this point and resort to review blogs to vent their sad experience. We also discovered that there is a single MyAssignmentHelp review where only high rated reviews and praises are constantly heaped on the company’s’ services. Multiple sources claim that this review blog is run by and of course, can only work to their favour.

There are wonderful Assignment Help reviews by students that are clearly displayed on their website, but we doubt that any real student would fancy the idea of being associated with an academic writing service. Although the original purpose of such services is to provide model assignments vital for researching and referencing purposes and are not supposed to be presented for submission exactly as they are.

MyAssignment User Reviews

The image highlights positive Assignment Help reviews and these are all FAKE. Please be careful!

What We Liked

  • Responsive: has a really fast response time and their representatives seem really eager to be of help even during weekends. Their payment transactions are easy and quick.
  • Referral program: Assignment Help offers a 10% discount when a client refers someone to employ their services. They have enticing special offers like: when a client orders six articles, they are given the chance to order one free article. When a client orders four articles in three days, they are given the chance to order one free article. When a client orders papers due in three days, they are given a 15% discount for the assignment. When a client orders two articles in two days, they are given a 10% discount.
  • Wide range of (only) student papers: They actually offer help to all academic levels (high-school, diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate diploma/ graduate school, PhD). They provide a broad range of writing services. They prepare essay writing service, dissertations, thesis, research works, homework, coursework, and case studies. They also offer proofreading services, referencing, and plagiarism checks. Assignment Help actually covers a long list of subjects.

Red Flags

  • False representation: We dug deeper into the company’s management in trying to reach out to them and some of their disgruntled clients who were giving out reviews of a few sentences on various blogs. This made us understand that the chances of the company being run in Australia were very low. The representatives sounded more like people from the southern Asian peninsula (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka). This is not racial segregation of any kind. We believe that every human being is special and we all share the same rights. Their regional background raised a red flag because from their website, they authoritatively claim to be in Australia. If the company resorts to lying about its origin, then that inevitably means that they are trying to hide something and that’s a big red flag. Lies mostly lead to more lies.
  • Fake writers’ identity: The next red flag was raised when we tried to find out more about the information on their website, particularly, listed experts. Photos and names from the website were cross-referenced with Google findings, and they weren’t matching. For instance, a certain “Michelle Meng” is not a Master of Accounting in Singapore as claimed on the website. Although the name sounds feminine, it was used alongside a mans’ image on the website. With the image, we were able to discover that he is actually Andrew Thomas from Salem College. A certain Grace Ling is actually Dr Shelly Moram, a senior lecturer at the Imperial College.
  • Bad reviews: The negative reviews against the company are simply too much. It’s not a pretty sight when you go through some of these feedback and they share certain similarities which we talked about in the “Customer Satisfaction” section of this review. We noticed that all the short reviews are either extremely negative or extremely good, with the extremely negative ones tipping the scale by a very huge margin, as earlier stated.
  • Unclear revision and refund policy: You never get full rewrite or refund if you have some problems with their essay writing service. In fact, these policies favour the company more than the customer. Even if clients cancel an order shortly after payment, they will still lose part of their money. Although articles can be reassigned to writers, within 31 days after the article is completed, many rules around them discourage you from continuing..

Here’s a simple summary.

What we liked Red flags
Responsive customer service Too many negative my assignment help reviews
There are a wide range of students papers on my assignment scam stories are also a lot.
  Poor essay writing quality
  My Assignment has a limited discount program
  Positive Fake reviews
  Assignment cost is high
  Ambiguous money back policy



We were able to find other review blogs, including Trust pilot and Sitejabber review (s). Most were against In a court, the jury gets to vote and the majority carries the verdict of the entire jury. In a democracy, the majority carries the vote. The same can be applied in this case. Therefore, we have drawn an unbiased conclusion from both our research and all other reviews, and the majority has also carried the vote.

The company has so much overhauling and unmasking to do. There are so many unresolved issues that have to be addressed. A lot of questions need to be answered. We were totally disappointed by the level of unprofessionalism displayed by Most of the positive feedback are fake reviews. People who even claim that the company is a fake and illegitimate front will stand a chance in court. A company which claims so many years of operation should not be faced with as many negative reviews as this. Take a look for yourself:

Based on these considerations, we don’t recommend their services. They are not legit, reputable or trustworthy. If you want quality, timely delivered, and reliable assignment service, we advise you to stay away from this company and go for other top essay companies.

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