GrabMyEssay Review 2023

Joseph Stevens Joseph Stevens  — 10 Mar 2022
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This is a service that caters to the scholastic needs of students who cannot write their own paper. You can use the service simply by filling in the required information in the order form and making the payment. Once you have placed the order, you will be allotted a writer, who would then start working on the fulfillment of your assignment and come up with a draft. The order form requires you to fill up the details of the kind of assignment that you need to finish. They will ask about the topic, and any additional information or instruction which might help in coming up with a better paper for you.

GrabMyEssay Review 2023
GrabMyEssay Review 2023


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    GrabMyEssay Mainpage

    It is very difficult to manage everything in the busy lives that we lead. One thing follows another, and we hardly get any time for ourselves. So, if you come to know that someone can reduce the weight of your studies from your shoulders, wouldn’t you take it? Of course, you would. There are several essay writings services that offer to write your paper for you. But therein lies the confusion. With so many websites advertising their services on the internet, how do you choose a good one? Well, it’s easy. All you need to do is go through various reviews. This article is a GrabMyEssay review. You can decide for yourself whether you should grab this online facility for writing your assignments or not?

    Services Overview

    This facility mainly focuses on academic writing, but it is not just limited to that. They also provide other features which include editing, CV writing, blog writing, and many others. All you need to do is specify the type of writing that you are looking for, and you will be able to get your writing services accordingly.

    But as far as the quality of these writings is to be considered, there is no guarantee regarding that. All the testimonials on GrabMyEssay are only positive and have given it a high rating, so it is a bit difficult to believe that they are anything but fabricated. Because GrabMyEssay reviews have hardly anything positive to say about the experience.

    Types of Services

    GrabMyEssay provides scholastic writing and professional writing when considered broadly. Looking at that in more detail, the types of services that GrabMyEssay provides, which they mention specifically, are listed below:

    • Research papers for all academic levels
    • Theses and dissertations
    • Essays high school and college level
    • Editing, rewriting, proofreading
    • Resumes, CVs, Student applications
    • Business reports, presentations, profiles, marketing material
    • Articles, blogs, and websites content

    GrabMyEssay Services

    But GrabMyEssay mentions that their services are not only limited to these. Customers can check out the whole range of the services they provide when they fill out the order form because there is a detailed list of services from which they can choose the exact kind of writing that they require. They include many things, like book reviews, multiple-choice questions, movie reviews, dissertation, copywriting, among many other things.

    Free Essay Samples

    When people are investing their bucks, they want to know what they are investing in. These are basic human behaviors. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears must be shed for earning those bucks, and until and unless you happen to be ultra-rich, you would not be okay with giving away your funds without even knowing what will become of it. This is where free samples play an important role. GrabMyEssay gives away essay samples to their users so that they can check out the previous works of GrabMyEssay. This helps them to decide whether it is up for the challenge or not.

    GrabMyEssay Samples

    But keep in mind that any site would only display the best that they have managed to produce to date. So be cautious instead of blindly trusting their samples. Although, the samples presented at GrabMyEssay don’t really do justice to the quality of the paper and the academic level that they serve.


    GrabMyEssay claims to provide completely skilled people who speak English as a native language.

    Unfortunately, the people writing the papers at GrabMyEssay fail to impress. No matter which writer you choose, even if they are from the top 10% of writers, they still manage to mess up writing the orders spectacularly. Once you read the kind of shoddy drafts that they have done, you would start questioning the ‘skills’ and the ‘specializations’ that GrabMyEssay claims their writers have. There are people who claim to hold degrees in the subject or topic that you have filled out in the order form, so you would naturally choose those writers to do your job. But the final work that you receive will make you question all that because the draft does not match up to the empty image that the writer has created for themselves on the homepage. Whether you get a good writer, or a bad writer is completely up to luck. So, you cannot just lay back and wait, because there have been cases where the final draft never came.

    Prices and Discounts

    It is a well-known fact that students are always broke. Everyone has been through that phase. Keeping this in mind, it would make sense to keep rates low for any kind of scholastic writing facility, so that more and more students can grab on go these services.

    GrabMyEssay Prices

    But apparently, this page does not know of this simple logic. Their prices start from $14.99, which is what they charge for an essay, which is to be written for high school, in 14 days’ time. Even with two weeks in hand, the facility charges almost $15, which is a bit too much, when compared to other similar services. As pages and scholastic levels increase, the price that you are supposed to pay will keep on increasing.

    Discounts are a great way of bringing in more customers because people always like to think that they are getting more for a less amount. This service gives a 15% discount to all the new users who place an order on this website. There are different discounts for regular users too.


    Any service which wants to establish itself would provide some or the other kind of guarantees to their users. That is a sure-shot way of increasing the trustability of the brand. GrabMyEssay is aware of this fact. So, they provide some attractive guarantees to their users, which are discussed below:

    • Money-Back Guarantee

    The customer can get a partial or a full refund based on the scenario that they are facing. The grounds for claiming a refund include things like order cancellation, late delivery, and bad quality claims. But don’t get so happy. This facility barely returns any money to the customers, and this is the complaint in any review that you read.

    • Revision Guarantee

    There is no need to get excited. GrabMyEssay does give Revisions, which can help you solve a ‘bad quality paper. You can apply for revisions, which won’t cost a penny, for up to 2 weeks after receiving the final draft. But this facility may or may not reply to your queries for Revisions. They will try very hard to not do a proper revision so that they don’t have to work extra hard.

    • No Plagiarism In Work

    GrabMyEssay claims to provide papers that are not at all plagiarized. You can only challenge a plagiarism issue by coming up with a Turnitin report. Otherwise, your complaint is not valid.

    GrabMyEssay Services Types

    All these guarantees look good, but only in text. The policy for all the guarantees is scripted cryptically and favors this facility and not the customer.

    Customer Support

    Any custom writing service should have a strong customer service unit. Since the bulk of the orders for the service comes from students, it is even more important. Students might easily get confused, so strong client service is needed. At least in that aspect, GrabMyEssay comes through. The support team members guide you through the process and answer all your queries so that you can place the order without any confusion.

    But when it comes to refunds and revisions, the team comes up with highly vague and unhelpful answers, which is the case with quite many writings facilities.

    Quality of Paperwork

    Ultimately, this is the main thing that people are seeking at paper writing companies. If the quality of the paper is up to the mark, people would gladly accommodate any other faults and glass flaws that the page might have. But unfortunately, the facility manages to fail quite spectacularly in that area. The papers are sub-standard, and don’t look like they have been done by ‘experts’ with ‘specializations’. There is absolutely no research, and there are loads of grammatical errors and poor sentence constructions, which give away the fact that they use ESL writers. You might have to spend weeks trying to get revisions so that you can get your paper fixed, but don’t depend on that. Revisions take too long, and if your deadline approaches, you might have to ultimately do your own paper.

    Low Rated Essay Writing Services
    Experts rating
    User rating
    Key problems
    Experts rating
    User rating
    Pay for results before the paper is ready
    Not much helpful customer support
    Only PDF format you can receive before the paper is approved
    Experts rating
    User rating
    Fake images on writers’ profiles
    Service is somewhat unreliable
    Shady pricing schemes, which are different from competitors

    Is GrabMyEssay Legit and Reliable?

    Technically, the legitimacy of the company is a complex riddle. The company it is listed under is registered, but you will not find much information about it. When you think in terms of value for money, then the company cannot be called legit in any scenario, because of the inflated rates, and the sub-standard paper writing, together that just add up to one word: scam.

    GrabMyEssay Reviews

    Since this facility can hardly come up with any decent writing, which makes the customer feel that they have not thrown away their bucks down a drain, it is completely wrong to say that the site is trustworthy.

    • Decent support team
    • Essay samples are available
    • Frequent discount offers
    • Poor paper quality
    • Writers with fake specifications
    • Unhelpful policies which only favor the service


    The case with the website is it makes way too many empty promises and then fails to keep them. You find great testimonials and pretty figures, but they do nothing to get you a decent enough paper. Almost all grab my essay reviews talk about the poor quality of papers that the customers get after paying such an inflated price for the services. After proper review, it is obvious that it would be completely wrong to suggest this site to anyone because it is a waste of time and funds.

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    ✒️ What is GrabMyEssay?

    This facility is an essay writing service that offers to do not only your assignments but also professional writings like blogs, articles, CVs, and student applications. The service claims to 'offer assistance' with all sorts of writings.

    👎 Is GrabMyEssay legit?

    This facility is owned by R.P WritingSmart Technologies, a company based in Cyprus. But the thing about this company is that it does not have a website of its own, and neither does it try to create a social media presence. So, not much is known about the company.

    ❌ Is GrabMyEssay safe?

    If you are worried about the fact that somebody might come to know that your essay has not been written by you, but by the website, or, if you are worried about the transactions that you are conducting, then you can drop those worries. In those regard, this facility is safe. Various grab my essay reviews agree to this.

    But if you are wondering about safety in terms of value for bucks, then this facility is unsafe.

    🆘 Is GrabMyEssay a scam?

    This facility makes a lot of huge promises, which turn out to be nothing, but sandcastles. The company fails to deliver quality products, even though the rates it charges are almost through the roof. If the inflated rates are making you think that you are going to get a top-notch draft, you are greatly mistaken. This facility just scams people's funds, and there is hardly any review on the internet that denies this.

    💸 GrabMyEssay Prices

    The rates at this online facility are very high. The lowest price is $14.99 for a high-school essay with a deadline of 14 days. If you have to pay around $15 for high-school essays, even if the due time is two weeks, no way is it an affordable service. Payment can be made using any well-known payment method.

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