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EssayShark is one of those paper writing services that you will see in the top ten when you google for it. This service is quite popular if we consider the statistics presented on their website (over 100 000 visitors online is what we saw) and, according to what their website claims, has many advantages including:

  • Affordable prices;
  • Support chat that works 24/7;
  • Money back warranty;
  • Professional writers;
  • Fast delivery;
  • Satisfaction guarantee.

However, is all of this true? Is EssayShark really that reliable or is it a scam? In our EssayShark review, we are going to tell you everything we’ve learned about this service to help you find the truth and avoid making a wrong choice.

The Real Review Of
The Real Review Of

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Service And Website review

The website looks nice. The design is neat and interface is quite convenient – all features are right there and are easy to use, which is a good thing for new visitors. However, the site is too overloaded with unnecessary information, reading which you will find many empty promises and not much exact information about the company.

How Much Does It Cost?

There is no fixed rate for different types of papers because this service works based on a system of bids – a customer places an order and then available writers offer their prices for it, so a client can choose a suitable writer and price. However, although the service claims that they have the lowest prices on the market, it is not quite true because once you see the bids, you realize that their rates are actually higher than average. There are no discounts offered.

There is no upfront payments as they claim. You still have to pay right away but the money remains on your personal balance until you get a completed paper. A big disadvantage is that they only accept PayPal. There are no other payment options available.

EssayShark Customer Support Team

Another significant flaw of this service is its support team, which although is claimed to operate 24/7, is only available when you already have an account (you need to place an order to register). If you are not a customer yet, you can only send an email, which is not convenient because you will have to wait a day or few to get a reply. The live chat also doesn’t work as good as you may expect. When we placed an inquiry, we had to wait for about ten minutes to connect with one of the support managers and we can’t say that they are much helpful.

How Reliable Is

They guarantee protection and safety to their clients but taking into account the fact that they break all other promises, we wouldn’t say in this review  that it is really reliable. Scam Writers

Writers’ accounts are publicly available even for visitors who haven’t placed an order yet and there you can find data about the disciplines that every writer works in, completed orders, rating, and testimonials. No specific data about the writers’ background or education is available. Lack of specific information makes them look not worth your trust.

Another thing that draws attention right away are unrealistic photos in writers’ accounts – they just look fake and Google can’t find people shown on them, which means they were probably taken from the Internet. Also, EssayShark reviews displayed on their website sound unnatural.

Quality Of Service

They offer a wide range of services. However, despite the abundance of thankful feedbacks from clients, the quality they deliver is poor and not worth to pay money for it. Our test order for review was delivered on time but it took another four days for writer to make the necessary adjustments before received a paper that was just “okay”.

There were many mistakes not only in grammar but also in structure and content of the text, the level of uniqueness was low, and it didn’t even follow the appropriate formatting.

Can You Trust

Our answer is no. This company has many disadvantages that are not compensated by a few benefits they offer, so it is not a trustworthy service.

In general, it looks like this company is cheating on its clients. Thus, our conclusion is – even if this company haven’t been accused in any illegal or fraudulent activities, it is still not worth your time and money due to their lack of professionalism. There are many reliable writing services like or that you can choose as a good alternative!

+ Positives:
  • Quite convenient interface.
- Negatives:
  • There are no discounts offered;
  • Unprofessional writers;
  • Poor quality;
  • Bad support work.

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12 reviews for The Real Review Of


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  1. Lyn J. Fitzgerald

    EssayShark? Shark is the right word! These guys are definitely sharks! I can’t believe I paid for a paper writing service from these criminals. The service was awful. The website was misleading and full of rubbish, and the writer didn’t really have a clue about my subject. The essay itself felt plagiarized and fake too – poor service.

  2. John M. Poirier

    I used Essay Shark because in truth I was feeling lazy and had heard good things. Because of all the good things I heard, naturally my expectations where pretty high. Now I think my friends just pure lied to me. I did not have the same experience they said they had and I was pretty annoyed if I’m completely honest. I don’t normally leave reviews but it did get under my skin so I’m one of those people who is going to complain! Maybe try a different essay writing service if you want better results?

  3. Leticia C. Knott

    I used EssayShark writing service to get a quick fire assignment that I wasn’t expecting. I probably would have shopped around more if I had time but I had to settle with them. The service was average. I got the essay that I wanted in the time that I wanted so that was a plus. It could have been better quality though.

  4. Beverly S. Bumpus

    I certainly won’t use EssayShark again. From the reviews I have seen it’s now clear that this is not one of the best essay writing services available – I should have gone elsewhere! It didn’t take long to order my essay, but there wasn’t much room for me to enter details either. The final piece of text was just meh – nothing outstanding.

  5. Sharon J. Musso

    Essay Shark sent the essay out to me when they said they would. I only found one thing I wasn’t happy with but took me a while to re order things to make it make sense after I had messed with it. I probably could have left it but it would have bugged me and I wanted it to be the best it could have been so I changed it. It took me a while to change it so that’s why I’m only giving a low rating as it wasted so much time, I hadn’t planned on using.

  6. Carole T. Guzman

    Don’t use EssayShark! That’s pretty much all I have to say. This essay writing service is a letdown. The website is rubbish, the process isn’t exactly easy and the actual essay I received wasn’t fantastic either. I don’t know if this is a scam or what but I regret paying money for it!

  7. Jacklyn W. Reynolds

    Here is my review for Essay Shark. So, in short, I didn’t love it. It all seemed a bit perfect you know? I don’t really know what else to say about it other than the vibe I got was too good to be true. So, because of this I was expecting big things from my essay and it didn’t deliver that. It was an alright essay but no different to other writing services iv used before and I was pretty upset by that. I thought it was going to be the best yet and it was very average.

  8. Gerald M. McCoy

    I did not love the essay from Essay Shark The points were valid but did not go into any detail really. It sort of just explained what it was but that was it. It wasn’t an informative essay I needed. There was no added information or explanation which I wanted to be included so I had to add these bits into it as I wanted the higher grade and needed to have these bits in it to get the grade. So, I ended up having to change it which I didn’t really think was the point of a writing service.

  9. Wanda C. Briscoe

    After thinking about it, I can only leave an average review because I had an average service from Essay Shark so I think it is only fair to be truthful. Nothing was awful and nothing was outstanding. Literally smack bang in the middle, average. I got my essay on time, it was good but nothing wowing in the context so if I was to do it again, I would defiantly pay extra and hope I got something a little bit more out of the box or unique. I guess I hoped for something a little more than ordinary and that’s why I am a little bit let down.

  10. Alfred K. Nelson

    Not really sure what to say about EssayShark. I expected more from a paid service. I expected a professional writer who had a clear understanding of business – I don’t think I got that at all. The writer seemed competent, but I don’t think they were who they said they were. The end quality was OK but it wasn’t as specialized or detailed as I expected for what I paid.

  11. Mary D. Pugh

    This essay writing service is the worst I have used. It was not what I was expecting at all. Essay Shark was so difficult to find what I was looking for and then when I finally found it, it was such a faff. It took ages for it all to be sorted and then when it arrived it was super rubbish! I picked this option because I thought it would be completely stress free when in fact it caused me more stress than planning and writing the damn essay myself. The saying is true, want it done right? Do it yourself!

  12. Dana J. Martin

    I love being in control and this was a completely stressful experience for me. I am so used to being able to control different aspects and with Essay Shark doing the work for me I thought it might give me a much-needed break so I could focus on other things. I was so wrong I spent the whole time thinking about all what could go wrong and didn’t receive any reassurance from Essay Shark what so ever. I would not be using this as option again in the future. Purely because of the stress it caused me!

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