BestCustomWriting Review 2022

Joseph Stevens Joseph Stevens  — 01 Feb 2022
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The clue is in the name itself: it is an online page that offers custom writing facilities for students. You can get essays, dissertations, and even theses written for you, at an affordable price. Just share the details of your order, and you would be assigned a writer, who will complete it in the stipulated time that you decide.

BestCustomWriting Review 2022
BestCustomWriting Review 2022


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    There are many academic writing facilities out there nowadays that provide free revision services at low prices. These are organizations that offer the service of composing drafts for you, including essays, theses, and dissertations. With so many options to choose from, it becomes difficult to make a decision. But don’t worry, this article has come to your rescue. It is better to compare the reviews of different sites to make an informed decision.

    This article is a BestCustomWriting review, so that other people can decide whether the website is worth their time or not based on its quality.

    Services Overview

    BestCustomWriting Services

    BestCustomWriting provides a wide array of writings to the people. You can also choose a duration for your order, depending upon your urgency, which can vary from a minimum of 6 hours to a maximum of 2 weeks. The affordably priced service is another added attraction.

    Types of Services

    BestCustomWriting provides a high range of services to students. You would be able to find any type of writing, related to academia, at this website. The website lists options like the essay, brochure, outline, assignment, research paper, coursework, case studies, annotated bibliography, blog, and even writing reviews on books and literature.

    There are various educational levels, and you can choose the most relevant option for you. The levels are high school, college, undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. The paper would be written according to the level you need


    The site claims to use native English speakers so that you can have flawless drafts. But that is just the claim. Remember that the site charges some of the lowest rates on the internet for writing, so naturally, the writers are far from native English speakers.

    BestCustomWriting Services

    The redundancies and the grammatical mistakes that can be found throughout the papers that you get from the site will clearly point out for themselves, that these have been written by non-native English speakers.

    Prices and Discounts

    No one can probably beat BestCustomWriting in this field. As soon as you visit the site, discount coupons start popping up on the site. Students love this site for this very reason: the low rates. In fact, there is a loyalty program at the site, so that customers keep on re-visiting the site. You can also use a discount code, which you get from the site. There are various discount codes available on the site. In fact, there is a further discount when you order a certain number of pages.


    The site also guarantees that they would be returned the amount they paid, they would be fully satisfied and the works will not have any plagiarism. So there are three main guarantees that you can look forward to:

    BestCustomWriting Services

    • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
    • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    • No Plagiarism Guarantee

    But just because the site claims to offer these guarantees, does not mean that you would actually be getting them.

    Customer Support

    Obviously, such a service requires the presence of good customer support. And certainly, the site does offer that. You can contact them via live chat, email, or overcall. The support offered to the customers is very efficient, and professional, but only until you place the order. After you have made your payment, the kind of service you get depends on luck. And if you ask them to revise, after you have received the writing, they will stop answering all your queries.

    Quality of Paperwork

    This is where things start going completely wrong for the site. The paperwork is poor, redundant, and filled with grammatical errors. Most of the time, you would have to put in efforts to edit the paper to make it presentable. This is not possible if the order is needed urgently. The writing quality is average, or below average depending on the kind of writer you get assigned.

    Is BestCustomWriting Legit and Reliable?

    The site is not a scam, because the company that owns it is pretty real. According to the experience of most users, they write and deliver the draft timely as well. But, that does not guarantee the legitimacy of the site for the users. The site also has a money-back guarantee. But here is the catch. If you are not satisfied with your paper, you have to put it under revision, for free. But it might take up to 2 weeks for that.

    BestCustomWriting Services

    After that, if it is indeed found that your conditions have not been met, you have to present a clear argument as to why you should get back what you paid. The writer would make changes, only if they get paid extra for that. The 14 day period for revising is way too long, as you might need to submit your paper before that. Considering all these things, it cannot be said that the site is completely legit or reliable.

    Low Rated Essay Writing Services
    Experts rating
    User rating
    Key problems
    Experts rating
    User rating
    Pay for results before the paper is ready
    Not much helpful customer support
    Only PDF format you can receive before the paper is approved
    Experts rating
    User rating
    Fake images on writers’ profiles
    Service is somewhat unreliable
    Shady pricing schemes, which are different from competitors

    Pros and Cons

    When it comes to pros and cons, the cons probably overweigh the pros, but here is a list for your own comparison:

    • Low prices
    • Timely delivery
    • Frequent discounts
    • Poor quality
    • No proper customer service after having received the writing
    • Trouble with rectification of document
    • Free Revision takes 2 weeks
    • Taking money back is exhausting process


    This review is based on personal experience, yes, but other online BestCustomWriting reviews can corroborate these things. It is not a rare occurrence, so be careful if you are thinking of approaching the site. Of course, one might come across a review that states otherwise. But a review like that can easily be fabricated by the site itself. Because most sites have given negative reviews of the service.

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    ✒️ What is BestCustomWriting?

    It is a site that provides writing services for scholastic needs. They can provide different types of drafts like theses, dissertations, essays, for a minimal price.

    ✔️ Is BestCustomWriting legit?

    When it comes to the legitimacy of the site, it cannot be said for certain. If you don't like the paper, there is no guarantee that you would be able to get back the amount that you paid.

    👍 Is BestCustomWriting safe?

    The redeeming factor about BestCustomWriting is that the site is safe. You do not need to worry about safety when you share your details.

    🔒 Is BestCustomWriting a scam?

    No, the site is not a scam, because it is a real company, but you might be scammed by the poor quality of work that it provides.

    💸 BestCustomWriting Prices

    Starting from a mere $8.51 per page, this site offers the lowest rates in the market for academic writing services. This accounts for the popularity of the site among students. This rate is applicable when you select a duration of 14 days to complete the assignment. But as the duration decreases, the rates go up. At 6 hours, the price reaches $31.51 per page.

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