123HelpMe Review 2023

Joseph Stevens Joseph Stevens  — 17 Jan 2022
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If you were to ask any student, they would agree that one of the trickier aspects of writing an essay or paper is finding the right resources. Well, 123HelpMe states that their site can make this task a lot easier for you. So, I decided to investigate what this service was all about to see if it lives up to its claims. Here is a detailed 123HelpMe review to help make up your mind.

123HelpMe Review 2023
123HelpMe Review 2023


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    123helpme Review

    Being in search of essay writing services to order a term paper, I came across 123 HelpMe. The website looks a bit specific to me because it does not take orders from students. Instead, it has an essay database with over 400,000 texts on various topics which have been already written by top specialists. Some papers are free to use, for other texts you have to pay. I decided to buy a membership to sample a necessary paper. It is worth noting that the quality of the work was low, and the text was generally copied from other sources. I was not even able to connect with the customer support service as I cannot find any contact information. Let’s look through the platform to understand  – is 123HelpMe a scam or a high-quality service?

    123HelpMe Review

    The general idea of 123HelpMe.com is to collect papers into an essay database and then provide access to them to its users. The developers claim that all essays were donated by qualified specialists. On the platform, there is a hidden form for providing the paper. In fact, I do not believe in the existence of this form. Moreover, it is unlikely that writers could give their work to the service. This may indicate that the texts on the 123HelpMe are copied from other sources.

    123helpme review

    In addition to the database, here you can find an online grader. The principle of operation is simple: you enter the text in a special field, and the checker finds the errors. If mistakes are found, the service will provide you with some recommendations, and you will be able to make the necessary corrections by yourself. I decided to test this feature and entered a complex text to check if a service finds the drawbacks. It found only half of the existing inaccuracies so I had to look for other errors by myself. It means that 123HelpMe.com is not suitable for revising high-complexity texts.

    Services 123HelpMe Offers in 2021

    123 HelpMe guarantees a huge selection of services for high school and college students, teachers, Ph.D., scientists, researchers, businessmen. The main audience is students who do not have the opportunity to do their home tasks and look for help. Therefore, here you can use:

    Free Essay

    Free essay number marked in gray. The amount of free texts is extremely limited, and the topics of academic writing are not very suitable for students.

    123HelpMe Essay Samples

    Paid Essays

    Consumers need to get paid membership to gain full access to these papers. Here there are essay examples of different types: Argumentative, Persuasive, Description, Informative, Personal Narrative, Classification Essay, Creative Writing.

    In addition, there is a wide range of topics:

    • Business: Economics, Entrepreneur, Communication, Accounting, Advertising, Industrial Revolution, Shopping;
    • Science: Architecture, Physician-Assisted Suicide, ADHD, Mathematics, Agriculture, Nursing, Technology, Biology, Chemistry, Climate Change;
    • Social Issues: Abortion Essay, Death Penalty, Gun Control, Same-Sex Marriage, Ethics, Child Development, Importance of Education, Eating Disorders;
    • Humanities: American History, Bible, Religion, Philosophy, Sociology, Civil Rights, Psychology, Music, Social Work, Sports;
    • Literature: Antigone, Catcher in the Rye, Frankenstein, Great Gatsby, Hamlet, Macbeth, The Odyssey, To Kill a Mockingbird, Romeo, and Juliet.

    123HelpMe Paid Essay

    Each paid text is marked with a corresponding color. Yellow is the creative essays, purple is the ‘strong’ papers, blue are the term papers, and green are the research works. It is worth noting that the user who bought the subscription gets only access to the text. The author still owns all property rights. Consumers can use the paper for research work and have not got the right to present it as a full-fledged project.

    Online Grammar Checker

    This feature allows you to download the text and check it for grammatical errors.

    123helpme Grammar Checker

    Plagiarism Checker

    If you are not sure about the originality of your text, you can run it for verification. It will help you to increase your level of uniqueness. However, experience shows that this feature does not work well. For getting a true result, I suggest finding other sites for revision.

    No support, papers full with plagiarism and almost no guarantees. Apparently they do offer guarantees but I never got my money back despite the fact I wasn’t able to use any of the papers. Bad experience for me. Honestly, there is no need to even consider 123HelpMe. It is one of the worst providers in the business. All my friends agree with me so I am right. – Mia S., Texila American University student

    Ordering Process

    The platform does not have a traditional academic assistance website ordering process. Instead of sharing your instructions with writers and waiting for a paper of decent quality, you have to search the suitable work in the archive consisting of more than 400,000 written works.

    In general, the process of finding suitable papers is far from being convenient. 123HelpMe provides a rather poor customer interface. This means that finding appropriate work can take you some time. Surely, you may try to ask a support team for assistance. In general, these guys are ready to help. Unfortunately, it is evident that the 123HelpMe support team does not work all the time. There are moments when support agents are absent, and you can await the answer for more than 6 hours.

    We understand that the support team also needs to relax; however, providing round-the-clock client support would be a great idea for 123HelpMe. At least, they could indicate the schedule of their support agents on the website. Instead, the platform provides its clients with a rather poor ordering process.

    Prices and Payment Options for Using 123HelpMe Service

    Since 123HelpMe specializes in delivering a vast range of top-notch services, such as essays, articles, lab reports, dissertation writing, and coursework, it has corresponding prices. Due to such an abundance of services available on the platform, the monthly subscription equals $14.95 if you’re up for ordering a year subscription. Please note that such a cost is completely reasonable for the quality of services offered by 123HelpMe.

    123helpme Prices Review

    It is clear that the company seeks long-term cooperation with its customers. The longer the subscription period, the lower the monthly fee. But the cost of services is really high for a student.


    Generally, 123HelpMe fails to satisfy customer demands in terms of guarantees. The platform’s representatives claim to provide papers of excellent quality. However, in reality, the level of writing is often very poor. Also, the papers are often badly structured, which makes us question the proficiency of their writers. We can even question the fact that all writers provided by the platform are native speakers. After all, many sentences out there look unnatural.

    There are also many grammar errors in the texts provided by 123HelpMe. It is very improbable that native speakers would make such awful mistakes. Surely, not all papers provided by 123HelpMe are poorly written, but the possibility to receive a paper that will not satisfy you is rather high.

    In addition, while using 123HelpMe, you pay only for membership. This means that the papers are written in advance. They may not fit your instructions, but you cannot ask the platform to refund such a paper. If you are not satisfied with the quality of service, you can cancel your membership on the platform. However, you will not get any refund for it. This means that the website does not grant you excellent quality and any additional safeguards in case it fails you.

    Time Delivery of Papers and Deadlines

    You will have unlimited access to the essay after subscribing. Here it is impossible to speak about the establishment and observance of terms. Writers submit their work in a database, and you use these papers. If we talk about the processing time of transactions, the payment is fast. Users buy a subscription by credit card and in a few minutes, they become a member.

    Paper Quality

    The company’s employees guarantee good papers. However, is it true? Having done 123HelpMe Essay Review I realized that it is a deception of potential customers. Essays are badly structured, do not meet assignments, and contain a bad vocabulary. In addition, most of the written text is plagiarism. This confirms the many negative 123HelpMe reviews about the service on the Internet.

    123helpme prices

    The quality of my custom was also low. By paying a subscription for a high price of $29.95, I expected to get access to professional essays on a variety of topics. As a result, I got a bad-quality paper that did not meet the assignment and contained many grammatical errors. I checked the text for plagiarism and learned that 40% of the text was copied from other sources. I could not hand over such a task in college, so I started finding another essay writing service. I lost my own money, time, and effort to check the unnecessary text.

    123 Help Me Customer Support Service

    Customer support is slow and inconvenient. It is impossible to find any contact information such as phone number or e-mail. In this case, the user cannot rely on a quick response. To connect with the employees of 123Helpme, a client must go to the “Contacts” tab at the bottom of the main web page. It is needed to fill out the form with personal information. The consumer must write an email address, name, subject, describe the problem, and send the form.

    123helpme Contact

    Clients can wait for a response to the letter from 30 minutes to several days, depending on how lucky they are. The fact is that managers work at the appropriate hours, not around the clock. There is no information about the working hours of the support team. Therefore, the user should only wait for a response.

    Is 123HelpMe Legit and Reliable?

    In general, we cannot say that 123HelpMe is not legit. The platform provides academic assistance services without violating any rules. It also seems that these guys have all the required documentation, which is also a positive point about their service. The main point is that you do not violate any rules while relying on 123HelpMe.

    When it comes to the question of the platform’s reliability, there are many controversial moments. First of all, you may not find suitable text on the website of 123HelpMe. Even though they provide a truly remarkable selection of texts, some of them are not specific enough for your assignments. Therefore, the platform may fail you, especially when it comes to unusual and specific written assignments.

    The second questionable point about their reliability is the quality of provided texts. Some of them are poorly written and have inappropriate structure. We do not recommend you to depend on 123HelpMe when you have truly valuable assignments. These guys can help you, but they can also make you fail the essential tasks.

    123HelpMe Pros and Cons

    • Not a 123HelpMe scam
    • Decent papers and resources
    • Wide variety of topics to choose from
    • Possibility of good quality work
    • Expensive
    • Difficult to verify quality
    • May not be suitable for all students

    My verdict

    Given all the advantages and disadvantages, I do not recommend using 123HelpMe. If you need inspirational paper for your own writing, you may find many of these for free. To order a quality academic text for money, I suggest looking for a better essay writing service.

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    ✒️ What is 123HelpMe?

    123Help is an academic assistance resource that provides its users with access to a database of written essays on diverse topics. The company reviews schedules in various educational facilities and provides essays according to the most popular writing topics in colleges and universities.

    👎🏻 Is 123HelpMe legit?

    It is difficult to state whether 123HelMe is legit or not. At least, the website does not provide any documents or certifications proving its legitimacy. It means that you should be careful while referring to this resource for academic assistance.

    ❌ Is 123HelpMe safe?

    You may find decent works on this website, but most essays at 123HelpMe will not meet your expectations. The plagiarism checker provided by the resource is also far from being satisfactory. It means that if you want to feel secure about your writings, you should better choose another resource.

    ⛔️ Is 123HelpMe scam?

    No, 123HelpMe provides texts for your money. However, it seems that the essays on the website are not written by professional academic writers even though the resource emphasizes the proficiency of its employees. When it comes to quality delivered by 123HelpMe, it is also below average.

    💸 123HelpMe Prices and Bidding System Cost

    You will have to buy a monthly subscription to receive access to essays provided by 123HelpMe. The monthly membership at the website costs $29.95 on average. You may choose longer subscription plans at 123HelpMe.

    The resource focuses on long-term interaction with clients. If you subscribe for 6 months, the monthly membership will cost you less than average.

    📞 Are there 123HelpMe discounts and other offers?

    No, the website does not provide its potential users with any discounts and extra offers. At least, we did not find any signs of such data on it.

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      Unfortunately, for me personally, the ordering process was not convenient. Deadlines violated. The work was completed with a delay and with a large percentage of plagiarism.

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