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School and college students consider different forms of academic writing as a sort of “headache” that can’t leave you alone even when you feel exhausted and overloaded with numerous college assignments. In such situations, essay writing services come into play. Websites like these can help you overcome any obstacle on your way to a high-quality education, but they also can let you down, leading to even a greater number of issues, if you don’t choose the right one!

Does It Really Matter What Writing Company You Choose?

Yes, it does! The answer to this question is obvious — if you are not careful enough to choose a reliable, trustworthy and legit company, you risk losing your money and getting a low grade that would harm your overall performance. However, if you approach it attentively and spend some time on discovering the options you have, looking through service reviews and choosing the best one according to different ratings and customer reviews, here is what you can get:

  • A paper delivered right on time;
  • Excellent quality;
  • No plagiarism and other mistakes;
  • Compliance with your individual needs and your teacher’s demands;
  • Safe and convenient experience;
  • Anonymity;
  • No cheating issues;
  • Adequate prices;
  • Perfect customer service;
  • A guarantee that you will get a refund if something goes wrong, and many other benefits!

Why Do You Need Our Top Essay Services Reviews?

Due to a growing demand for high-quality academic writing help, the Internet has long ago become overloaded with thousands of such websites that offer their services. However, let’s face the truth — not even half of them is as good as they claim, which raises students’ chances to come across an unreliable company, which is a scam, and therefore, fail with the paper ordered. Making a wrong choice can cost you a grade. In the worst case, it can mean an expulsion from the school. Therefore, if you do not want to buy a paper, the quality of which leaves much to be desired, you should be careful, attentive and read not one report written by previous clients but a lot of them.

The top essay writing websites should meet the following requirements:

  • Offer fair rates;
  • Have a wide range of services available;
  • Employ top essay writers, who have vast experience and proofs of their professional level;
  • Have good reputation proven by positive testimonials (not only on their website but everywhere else on the Web);
  • Provide quality assurance and guarantee of timely delivery;
  • Use plagiarism checker to guarantee originality of each paper;
  • Ensure customers’ safety and confidentiality;
  • Provide money back warranty and have a refund policy available on their website;
  • Have individual approach to every order (adhere to requirements, meet the given deadlines, and keep the client’s needs in mind), etc.

We could continue this list for quite a long time. However, we bet that you get the point. Finding top writing services is not as easy as it may seem because there are too many frauds waiting for you online. Thus, in order to eliminate the risk of being deceived and get an assurance of positive result, you should carefully choose the best writing company and that’s where our reviews should help you!

How Do We Create Reviews On Top Essay Writing Companies?

Our service has been around for a while. Our ultimate goal is to help students distinguish the top essay writing services from the ones that should be left behind, and this is exactly what we are doing here at EssayReviewExpert!

Our team searches for different essay writing companies available online. With hard work and patience, we carefully study each to give you a comprehensive, full, and most important — honest review on each of them.

To create our reviews we have several specialized departments. Each of them is responsible for testing different features of a particular website. Thus, our safety specialists are doing their best to determine whether a particular service is safe enough, while our expert editors are busy with checking the papers delivered by each company to claim whether their quality is high or poor. Finally, when all departments have done their work perfectly, we put the collected data together to grade a company and provide our review to you. This is how our reviews are made!

What Criteria Do We Pay Attention To?

Creating a review even on the top rated essay writing service, our specialists do not rely barely on the company’s promises or testimonials available on their website. We always strive to dig deeper! Thus, our standard process of examining and evaluating legitimacy of a particular essay help service always consists of multiple stages. Here are the main criteria of our assessment:

  • Pricing policy — is it affordable or not, and most important — does the quality correspond with the requested price;
  • Available bonuses and special offers like the aptitude to use a promo code, have a discount and/or a coupon;
  • Terms of use and main policies — is the service legit and honest;
  • Website — is it easy to use, can a user find all important information there;
  • Confidentiality — is it a guarantee and what software is used to protect customers;
  • Convenience — is there a good selection of payment options, is customer support available, what other special features are offered;
  • Writers — is there any information about the employed writers, what are their qualifications and levels;
  • Quality — is the quality of the ordered paper good, average or bad, was it delivered on time, does it meet the given requirements, is it unique, etc.

These are the key things we look at when writing a review. Thanks to such multi-stage approach, our team gets the big picture of a specific essay writing service and can give it an objective assessment.

Join The Club Of Successful Students With EssayReviewExpert

It does not matter what motivated you to start looking for essay writing company, nor does it matter what kind of issue you have encountered — it is always a good idea to have someone you can rely on in such situation. Each of us sometimes needs some help.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to your academic success! Whenever you may seek for professional guidance and writing assistance, our smart reviews on the top paper writing services will give you a helping hand in the selection of the best assistant for you! Even when the situation seems unsolvable and you have left all hopes to find a perfect and legit writing company, EssayReviewExpert is always here to have your back!

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